Five seniors involved in disturbance graduate

LEWISTON — Five Bates College seniors who were arrested following a late-night disturbance involving more than 200 students a few days ago walked with their classmates and received diplomas at the college’s commencement activities Sunday.

Their names appeared with the complete list of 2010 graduates, and they marched in their alphabetical place to accept diplomas when their names were called.

“As with their arrest charges, the students are presumed innocent unless proven guilty by the Student Conduct Committee,“ said Bryan McNulty, director of the Office of Communications and Media Relations at Bates, in response to Sun Journal questions.

He said, “We will follow the Student Conduct Committee process, and we don’t know when those decisions will be made.”

In response to the question, “Will any Student Conduct Committee decision be rendered moot because students have graduated?” McNulty said, “We do not have the ability to impose retroactive sanctions under our student conduct policy.”

Lewiston police and Bates College security personnel went to the early Wednesday morning party scene at Smith Hall, North Bardwell Street, when “Throwback Night” revelers (seniors who return to their first-year dorm in an annual celebration) spilled out into the street.

An ambulance driver was reportedly blocked as he drove to an accident call at the scene. Lewiston police encountered student taunts and an officer was injured. The incident resulted in 11 arrests, mostly for failure to disperse, refusing to submit to arrest and disorderly conduct. All were released on bail and court appearances are pending.

The seniors who graduated Sunday were Sarah Marie Ewing, Washington, Conn.; Zachary D. Fenno, Armonk, N.Y.; Samuel Willard Guilford, Surry, Maine; Kush Mahan, Kalamazoo, Mich.; and Mark Philip Stehlik, Buffalo, N.Y.

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 's picture

I personally feel as though

I personally feel as though things got out of control that night and i also feel as though those who were giving alcohol to minors in the freshman dorm, and the one (S) responsible for the officers injuries, should certainly be charged! I however do not feel as though they should have had their graduation ceremony taken away. These students did their work for four years and EARNED their graduation!! You can't strip a student of their graduation over ONE night of bad decision making. I live near the college and i see and hear of things worse than this happening. I would rather deal with college students partying then to deal with the other things that happen here in Lewiston. I think those of you who feel as though they shpouldn't have graduated should ask yourself how you would feel if it was one of your children? I bet you would feel alot different about the situation. I really feel as though many of you who post on here are too quick to judge. Put yourself in somebody elses shoes before you open your mouth and cast an unfair opinion.

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It is time to put this all to bed............

 's picture


IF your need a cop and all the cops were at Bates . AND . So the Lewiston cop's and all the other cop's that came to this party got paid . So happy to here that. And for my spelling I did pass on spelling my word all out . So sorry that you can not fill in the word. It is so nice in MAINE your all happy and I am happy for you all . O LEWISTON THAT IS ........

RONALD RIML's picture

Whether they graduate or not

Is between the students and Bates.

It amounts to a contractual issue between the two paerties involved. Did the students meet all of the requirements set by Bates for Garduation? If so, they are entitled to graduate.

I'm not aware that being charged with a crime, while still under the presumption of innocence, would - or should, prevent someone from grduating when they have met all of the requirements.

Now I've certainly voiced criticism of those students who acted like idiots the other night - but I certainly recognize their right to recognition of scholastic accomplishment - as I also recognize their responsibility to submit to civil authority and due process.

 's picture

My guess is these privileged

My guess is these privileged low lives, especially those from out of state will not appear for their arraignment date. Like Bates leadership they believe they are above the law.

 's picture



 's picture

Check your police log.Seems

Check your police log.Seems the locals aren't much better.

 's picture


How colleges have changed over the years. These students should have been sent home the next morning after spending a night in jail. And no graduation this year. Their parents must be so proud of them. It seems to be the trend in any college town. The students dictate the rules to the "natives" and heaven forbid if you do not agree with their actions. All of this will come back to haunt them someday. Guaranteed!!!!

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