Sex offender notification: Lewiston

Sex offender notification

submitted photo

Michael Pomerleau

The following person meets Lewiston Police Department’s policy on community notification.

Offender’s name: Michael Pomerleau

Age: 48

Street address: 89 Pine St., Lewiston

Conviction: Two counts unlawful sexual contact; one count sexual misconduct with a child under 14 years; one count visual sexual aggression against a child

Date of conviction: May 15, 2008

Record location: Androscoggin County Superior Court

Victim’s age: Under 14 years

Harassment or threatening of offenders is unlawful.

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot thinks the glasses

The parrot thinks the glasses were made from the bottoms of coke bottles.

Deborah Berube's picture

Freakin' scary!! God help

Freakin' scary!! God help the child that this creep molested!

 's picture

No kidding!

No kidding!


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