Look beyond the claims

Supporters of the tax reform bill correctly point out that the law's schedule of taxes, as presented, is revenue-neutral. Eighty percent of taxpayers will likely pay less under the law. Please look beyond these claims to the likely future effect.

The new taxes in the law represent little seeds for future mischief. Democratic lawmakers will water those little seeds with tears of sympathy for the many entitlement groups waiting to exchange their votes for taxpayer largess. Keeping track of the incremental and diverse upward bumps those taxes could receive over time might prove difficult. Democrats can play a complicated and (for them) winning shell game with that array of tax seeds, seeming to cut one tax while raising others.

I choose to re-establish the previous income tax-based tax configuration by voting “yes” on Question 1. The blunt force of those confiscatory tax rates stares the taxpayer right in the face. I shall furthermore vote for every conservative on the ballot come November. I support those who will cut spending instead of playing games with tax schedules that will only increase tax loads in the end.

Greece spent one of its earlier life stages in a state-of-Maine frame of mind. Way back then, Greek officials could have limited the growth of government and stopped pandering for votes with promises to the electorate of endless government largess. They didn’t, and the country went famously on to become the bankrupt Greece of recent violent street riots.

We can learn from their mistakes.

Leonard Hoy, Greenwood

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RONALD RIML's picture

You've stated...but never linked

We know how that works, Bob.

The only proof there, is 80 proof.


Just remember Republicans don't think

Its all emotion on the right. Mind games without any factual support. Maine is doing great. Average income has grown more quickly that the national average in spite of the fact that our population is older than average.

 's picture


When Maine borrows a gazillion dollars to host the Olympics, then maybe your Greece analogy would work.

 's picture

tron, for your information

tron, for your information Maine is already in ruin thanks to Democrat social spending that has amounted to a hill of beans for this state. Playing a shell game with taxes, hoping tax payers won't catch on will not fix the problems. Social spending has done nothing to fix the problems we have here in Maine, and serves only to drive private sector jobs to other states, because of all the taxes that support them. Our highway infrastructure is in ruin because of a governor who robbed the transportation fund not ounce, but twice, to resupply the general fund in order to keep certain social programs alive. This so called " tax reform bill" is nothing but a shell game that democrats in Augusta are playing and will ruin this state even further.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You are devoid of all common

You are devoid of all common sense. And yet, the parrot still claims to like you, becaus you have no compass of any sort and he takes pity on all creatures without compasses. Isn't that really compassionate for a parrot? But hey, he's a liberal and of course, we all know that liberals are the paragon of compassion. Keep up the good work, T...


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