The figures don't add up

Ah, it's summer! Everything is beginning to flourish. The trees have been pruned, the gardens cultivated, and now, time to prune the Maine citizens so the state can flourish, too. The governor claimed LD 1495 would give an income tax break of $400.
How did they arrive at this? If you take the combined income of our 1.2 million Maine residents (with or without employment income) the average income tax paid by each exceeds $400. So, on paper, they logically can grant a $400 tax cut. But now the bill has been passed, the governor states the taxpayer will see a tax break of $106 to $160.
Now, the facts. The majority of Mainers pay little or no state income tax, so the tax break does not even apply to them. They will be privileged to pay 1.5 percent more tax on meals & lodging (meals applies more to the Maine citizen as many of them go out to eat). It is claimed the tourists will contribute the most. The Maine Restaurant Association reports that 68 percent of all meals are consumed by Maine customers. Hmm.
Next, the 5 percent sales tax is expanded to labor charges on all forms of service: automotive, appliance, technology, heating systems, etc. and etc. I'm just a lowly bean counter dealing with business facts, daily, but where are all these great savings? The average Maine citizen, employed or unemployed, will see no savings but will pay out greatly in increased taxes.
Norm Demers, Lewiston

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Speaking of cost cutting --

Speaking of cost cutting -- If the U. S. Legislative Branch had Senators and represenatives at the same rate that the State of Maine had state senators and rtepresenatives in it's legaslature, there would be 37,000 U.S. Senators, and 690,000 U.S. Represenatives. I wonder if a re-write of our State Constitution is not in order. I bet we could cut our senators from 35 down to say 16. (One per county) and our represenatives from 151 down to say 52 (One per 25,000 people) How much money would that save. How much more efficient would our state government be?

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Taxing auto repairs? We will

Taxing auto repairs? We will really need to vote for reduction in the auto excise tax in November to afford these increased repair bills.

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Once again, the government

Once again, the government thinks were are too stupid to see what's really going on here. God help us all!

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How about the lodging tax?

How about the lodging tax? Who pays most of that?

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill


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