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Much to the surprise of wind turbine developer Patriots Renewables of Quincy, Mass., Carthage residents have made a valiant first step in determining whether a project on Saddleback Mountain of Carthage would be beneficial for them. They have chosen, by written petition, to have a town vote to establish a wind moratorium, providing proof that many questions about wind development have yet to be answered.

A Carthage citizen spoke up, asking Patriots Renewables to schedule a public gathering to answer questions from concerned residents, and a spokesman for the wind developer will, in fact, appear in Carthage on June 10 at 7 p.m. to promote the Saddleback project. This same developer has also proposed projects in Dixfield, Woodstock and Canton. The company currently operates a three-turbine complex in Freedom.

Will there be industrial wind complexes in Carthage, Dixfield, Woodstock or Canton?

There are many issues to go over before a decision can be made. The gathering presents an opportunity for residents to address the issues and to get answers directly from the developer. It could be a significant event in the history of Carthage, and for the entire western Maine region.

The people of Carthage deserve a big thank-you for petitioning and giving everyone the chance for a face-off about what surely will be the most important decision of our time.

Freemont Tibbetts, Dixfield

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25% is too generous.The

25% is too generous.The windmill in Presque Isle makes 11.6% . I doubt the Mars hill and Stetson windsprawls make much more.We will never know because the windsprawlers will not tell how much power they really make. The STATE should put a moratorium on windsprawl until the true production is known. How else can we determine if the adverse effects are worth the output? What's the matter, BigWind? Are you hiding something?

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Patriot... what's in a name?

"One who loves and supports his country or its interests". That's the definition of 'patriot'.
Industrial wind turbines are not the way to go if one is dedicated to doing what is in the best interests of one's country. In the beginning, we all thought that wind power was going to save us... that it was 'green' and would reduce carbon emissions and affect climate change. But with knowledge comes power; and the people of Maine are becoming educated on the realities of "Big Wind". We are also regaining our strength and our power, as we stand together to do the right thing. The patriotic thing. The harmful environmental and economic impacts created by grid-scale industrial wind on our mountains far outweigh the paltry benefits. Only a few with financial stakes in these developments are now promoting these megaliths. All others who learn the facts are coming out in opposition.
I'm very proud to be an American and a Mainer. I saw first-hand what we, the 'little guys', stand for-- and what we can DO-- when I was at the Big Wind Regatta on Saturday night in Freeport. I'm proud of the residents of Carthage for being proactive and taking a stand. You are true patriots. I've called us many things over the past year: patriots, Nimbys, Wind Warriors, Mountain Defenders... whatever label suits, you are doing what Americans are SUPPOSED to do.. you are taking charge of your own destiny! Good for you!! Karen Pease, Lexington Twp., Me http://karenbesseypease.blogspot.com/ or www.highlandmts.org

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Save Carthage

There are many reasons why people live in hamlets like Carthage. Its usually for the appreciation of quiet country life, living away from industrial and commercial hubub. It includes enjoying wildlife and things you do in the country, like hunting, fishing, picking berries, being close at hand. Beautiful vista are important, too.
All of that will be lost when hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of Saddleback Mt. get blasted away to erect turbines, shattering the mountain, forever changing it's profile. Wildlife habitat gets fragmented, as hundreds of acres are permanently clearcut. What isn't gravelled over gets treated with herbicides and the silt and herbicide residues wash into the streams and ponds.
Towering over town will be huge industrial machines with the dull roar of a low flying jet overhead that never goes away as long as the blades turn. Worse, is the effects on humans and animals of low frequency infrasound that has negative effects on health. Just ask people in Mars Hill and Freedom. Wind turbines are notorious killers of birds and bats. Topping it all off will be a dozen or so aviation lights blinking 24/7 in place of the brilliance of the milky way against a black night sky.
Not only does this impact Carthage directly, but the sweeping vistas from Mt. Blue State Park and the Tumbledown Mt. Public Reserve will be marred by the scalping of Saddleback and the hideous cluster of 400 foot tall trubines.
Is this what we want for a peaceful, beautiful part of Maine? For a company whose sole purpose is to gather government subsidies and sell credits, rather than actually sell electricity? Industrial Wind sites in Maine produce only 25% of nameplate capacity and it is an unpredictable, unreliable, ineffective, and costly source of electricty. Carthage, save your town and do not get caught up in this scam!

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wind power might have had a chance

Wind energy might have had a chance in Maine had personal greed and the obvious perception of governement corruption not become the face of the industry in this state. That being said, wind will NEVER be a cost effective option for power generation in Maine. When 1 hit wonders such as Patriot Renewables, LLC shows up and wants to put up wind towers, it isn't because they think the town of Carthage is a wonderful place to live or scenic! It appears the local chickens and cats aren't quite as numb and naive as some of the greedy wolves had hoped. Can't wait to see the genius(wolf) they sent to get eaten alive at the public forum. I'll bet he's going to be just plumb full of answers, don't you?


Wind power makes some sense

in deepwaters off the coast. But growing evidence suggests that land based turbines in New England is a bad idea.

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Thank you, Carthage

Your neighbors thank you for considering slowing down this project. We may not live in Carthage, but we love the beauty of your town. We like to admire it's pristing mountains and we like to hunt, hike, bike, etc. there. And many of our friends live in Carthage so we care about how you will be affected by a project with 19 40 story structures towering over your landscape and potentially causing noise problems. Clearly, you have stopped and asked yourselves, "Is this the legacy we want for our town, for our kids?"
I hope many will make this meeting Thursday night so that you may ask Patriot Renewables--a company that has only installed THREE turbines in their careers--the hard questions, ask them to put what they promise in writing, and consider a moratorium to allow yourselves more time to try to answer those nagging doubts about what the future would hold with this project.


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