LePage, Mitchell win party nominations for gubernatorial race

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Tea party favorite Paul LePage surprised even himself with a commanding win of the Republican primary for governor Tuesday, while state Senate President Elizabeth Mitchell emerged as the Democratic nominee, setting the stage for a general election pitting a limited-government conservative against a liberal statehouse insider.

CORRECTION Maine Primary Governor
AP Photo/Michael C. York

Maine GOP gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage celebrates with supporters at campaign headquarters in Waterville, Maine, Tuesday.

Libby Mitchell, Jim Mitchell, Elizabeth Mitchell
Pat Wellenbach

Libby Mitchell, right, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, is hugged by her husband, Jim, as her daughter, Elizabeth, looks on after greeting supporters at the campaign headquarters in Portland, Maine, on Tuesday, June 8, 2010. Mitchell is in a four-way race to be the Democratic nominee to run for governor in Maine. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)

LePage, the Waterville mayor, called his victory with more than one-third of the vote "absolutely overwhelming."

"It says that the hardworking people of Maine want to be left alone, want straight government, want to have lower taxes and they want to be able to live their lives the way it was intended by out founders," he said.

No clear front-runner had emerged leading up to the primaries, and polls days before the election indicated more than half of voters still had not made up their minds.

For the seven Republican candidates, fiscal conservatism, harnessing government growth and making Maine more business-friendly were prominent campaign themes. The tea party movement, which has become a symbol of voters' anger and frustration, endorsed no candidate but LePage courted its followers.

Some of the GOP candidates distanced themselves from tea party-inspired planks in the state Republican party's platform, which called for the elimination of the Department of Education, a reference to global warming as a "myth" and a declaration that health care "is not a right. It is a service."

But the conservative message apparently struck a chord with voters.

LePage's GOP rivals included former ski executive Les Otten; businessman Bruce Poliquin; former Husson University President Bill Beardsley; business development executive Matt Jacobson; state Sen. Peter Mills; and Steve Abbott, former chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Susan Collins.

Among the Democrats, ideas for how government can play a role in creating jobs dominated the campaigns.

Mitchell defeated two other public officials — former Attorney General Steve Rowe and former Conservation Commissioner Pat McGowan — and Rosa Scarcelli, a business owner, who had played up her role as a political outsider.

The November election will feature more than the two major-party candidates. Nonparty independents Eliot Cutler of Cape Elizabeth, Kevin Scott of Andover and Shawn Moody of Gorham have all qualified to appear on the ballot, which for the first gubernatorial election in 16 years will not include a candidate from the Green Independent Party.

The winner of November's election will succeed two-term Gov. John Baldacci, who in 2003 became the first Democrat in 16 years to hold the office. Republican John McKernan served from 1987-1995, and independent Angus King served the next eight years.

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 's picture

I understand

I understand Voisine that you are fed up with the Republican factory of failures and I am too. As a Republican I enjoy watching Countdown and Rachel Maddow and compared to the Fake Gestapo news networks it gives better coverages. The talking points and idiocy is amazing when you look at it. Look at LePage's quote on his own website "My proposals include establishing a statewide residency requirement for general assistance and a lifetime benefit limit to five years". That would include promoting a State sponsored death system and panel such as the like Sarah Palin described. "For Special Education, we should eliminate the disparity between school districts in identifying and supporting students requiring special education services". Another round of tax cuts to come in the special education market with the promises of a balance in testing scores as he proclaims being against nationally rounded schools. True Tea Party logic from the top to the bottom.

 's picture

Okay then

Let's just count the last Republiclown president against the dems. Still doesn't look very good.

 's picture


Quadrupled what debt? Sources, please.


And Foxnews I suppose is news?

WSJ has no credibility. But that doesn't matter since when is a 5% cut not a cut. Bush never cut anything.


World economy on the brink??

It is. But Obama is the possible solution. He's not part of the problem.
The problem was the Bush Recession which started in 2007 due to deregulation and outrageous Republican spending. Because of financial deregulation and financial globalization that recession has spread to Europe. Helped by irresponsible spending in some coutries (Greece for one) that's now become a crisis. The result is a shift in world power to the Chinese temporarily. They too may soon see economic crisis (or at least some economists so predict). But the start was de-regulation. The recession is a product of that de-regulation and so is the oil gusher dstroying the Gulf of Mexico.

 's picture


There is not one single example of a bank being forced to lend to somebody they knew wouldn't pay them back. They could, and did, say no.

 's picture


In the end result, it was the deregulation, brought about by the Republican party, since with deregulation there was no true way to police any of those matters. Lindsey Graham proposed deregulation, and got what he had wanted, along with the millions of dollars spent on the Bush administration, and their false little war in Iraq which has cost the lives of thousands upon thousands. Tell me about that "feel good" war and about how an American flag won't get you into heaven anymore to paraphrase John Prine.


Matt now you are joking

Obama has a debt commission. He's asked department head to cut their budgets. When did Bush to either. No, Bush kept the wars - off budget. He lied to his own party about the cost of his prescription drug plan and then didn't pay for it. He left us $12.9 trillion in debt and a $1.3 trillion yearly budget deficit. Obama is a major improvement fiscally over Bush. And remember Cheney declared that the deficit no longer matters.


Matt has it right

Start with welfare reform.
Let's not look at corporate welfare. Forget the $75,000,000 cap on oil companies' criminal acts.
No, the Republicans want the poor to starve. Their children to go without an education. Builds character (as long as its not their own). So that they can buy that new 500 horsepower sports car.

 's picture


You mean the 1990 Oil Pollution Act? Oh, those pesky facts.


Tax ad spend???

Maine government under the Democrats and with no coorperation from Republicans has cut state spending by $800,000,000. The Federal Government under the Republicans in 7 of the same 8 years increased spending hugely and added $7 trillion to the national debt. Time to vote out the spend and spend Republican hypocrits.


Huge Victory for Democrats

The LePage win means that we can pin the 2010 Maine Republican Platform to their candidate and it will stick. The Republican Party is now the party of extremism and will not have Les Otten's millions to cover it up. Their platform calls for the destuction of the Federal Government, the ripping up of the US Constitution, and economic anarchy. Boy will fall be fun.

 's picture

Months of Lies and Distortions

The Republican Platform calls for none of that. Don't lie to us. It reflects very badly on you.

 's picture

It is time to change the

It is time to change the direction our wonderful state has been heading . I believe Paul LePage, with his background of business rathur than the Ole boy network of tax and spend liberals will, if he is elected, bring common sense back to Maine. My husband and I changed our voter registration so that we could vote for him. Hopefully he will be our next governor.

 's picture

Voisine.... because turrets

Voisine.... because turrets makes me feel more important. As to LePage, as an independent I was kept out of the primary process but... who the hell is he? I mean, I have heard NOTHING of this guy!

 's picture

Maine needs Paul LePage as our next Governor

Congratulations to the LePage campaign, but now the real work begins. While I’m sure you realize there will be no time for a summer vacation this year, it’s now time to reach out and spread your strong fiscally conservative message to all Maine voters. Paul LePage has what the State of Maine needs for our next Governor, but the Far-Left’s major political machine will be a force to contend with. They have proven union thug stereotype over the past ten years, but the Conservative Spirit is alive and growing. If you recognize that our state has been heading down a very dangerous road, please step up and support the LePage campaign in as many ways as you possibly can.

The time for positive change has arrived! Please get active and help implement our much-needed positive changes for Maine’s future generations. Please bookmark http://www.lepage2010.com and donate as much time and money as you can between now and November.

BTW, this is one investment we really need to make; else the Extreme Far-Lefties and their status quo desire will drag us even deeper into Socialism. Sad but 100% true.
** LePage for Governor 2010 **

 's picture

Libby Mitchell supports Status Quo Downhill Slide

Libby 'status quo' Mitchell will keep dragging us Maine residents into the depths of higher taxes and stronger governmental control. Don't our kids deserve better than that? As you probably know, our State has major fiscal issues and we need to make some tough changes within Maine State Government.

With that said, our next leader will need a very strong backbone and Paul LePage has proven he has just that and more. Although nobody's perfect, Paul LePage has the experience and skills that we need for our next Governor.

** LePage for Governor 2010 **
FMI: http://www.lepage2010.com/positions.php

Jeff Parshall's picture


I couldn't have been more happy to see Mr. Lepages picture this morning! Awesome! I really feel the voters are getting fed up with the same TAX AND SPEND government we have here in Maine.

Keep dumping the Tea into the Harbor. Send a message to those who do not know how to manage our economy. Congratulations Paul! Now let's put you in the Blaine House in November.


I think if Lepage wins you

I think if Lepage wins you may see a lot of state workers cut to bring down the 1 MILLION PLUS A DAY COST!! HORRAH!!

 's picture

Voisine, get yourself an

Voisine, get yourself an extra large glass of coolaide!


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