Info meeting on proposed windfarm set for Thursday

CARTHAGE — A public informational meeting on a proposed wind farm is set for 7 p.m. Thursday at the Community Building, formerly the Webb River Grange Hall.

Patriot Renewables LLC of Quincy, Mass., has proposed building up to 13 wind turbines on a 2- to 3-mile section of the Saddleback Mountain Ridge on private land. The company has options to buy about 1,000 acres.

A 320-acre parcel next to the ridge, believed to be owned by the town, could be the site of another four to six turbines.

The potential developers have been collecting wind speed, bird species, wetland and other environmental data for more than a year as part of their application to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

The town has no ordinance governing the development of wind farms.

In a related matter, a group of residents submitted a petition to the Board of Selectmen last month seeking a moratorium on any wind turbine development, Town Clerk Linda Berry said.

A special town meeting must be called to vote on the request. That date hadn't been set, but it could be held in late June.

Patriot Renewables operates a small wind farm in Freedom and is tentatively planning the development of wind farms in Dixfield, Canton and Woodstock.

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 's picture

Do a moratorium

Towns like Carthage are being preyed upon by these companies anxious to take advantage of no land use ordinances pertaining to wind and with Boards of Selectmen eager to sell out the town for a few new dollars of property taxes. Carthage, enact a moratorium to give you a chance to determine how, if at all, industrial wind will be allowed to invade your town.
There are many reasons why people live in hamlets like Carthage. Its usually for the appreciation of quiet country life, living away from industrial and commercial hubub. It includes enjoying wildlife and things you do in the country, like hunting, fishing, picking berries, being close at hand. Beautiful vista are important, too.
All of that will be lost when hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of Saddleback Mt. get blasted away to erect turbines, shattering the mountain, forever changing it's profile. Wildlife habitat gets fragmented, as hundreds of acres are permanently clearcut. What isn't gravelled over gets treated with herbicides and the silt and herbicide residues wash into the streams and ponds.
Towering over town will be huge industrial machines with the dull roar of a low flying jet overhead that never goes away as long as the blades turn. Worse, is the effects on humans and animals of low frequency infrasound that has negative effects on health. Just ask people in Mars Hill and Freedom. Wind turbines are notorious killers of birds and bats. Topping it all off will be aviation lights blinking 24/7 in place of the brilliance of the milky way against a black night sky.
Not only does this impact Carthage directly, but the sweeping vistas from Mt. Blue State Park and the Tumbledown Mt. Public Reserve will be marred by the scalping of Saddleback and the hideous cluster of 400 foot tall trubines.
Is this what we want for a peaceful, beautiful part of Maine? For a company whose sole purpose is to gather government subsidies and sell credits, rather than actually sell electricity? Industrial Wind sites in Maine produce only 25% of nameplate capacity and it is an unpredictable, unreliable, ineffective, and costly source of electricty. Carthage, save your town and do not get caught up in this scam!

 's picture

I hope Carthage is not as

I hope Carthage is not as crooked as Lincoln. Lincoln councillors voted to let the windcrooks violate our zoning ordinances. It proves that some people live in Maine but do not care about the scenery, the outdoors or other townspeople's rights. A moratorium should be statewide until the true output of windsprawl in Stetson and Mars Hill and Freedom is made public. The TRUE output, not the fudged figures from the greedy developers. They all played Dungeons and Dragons all thru school and like making up their own rules and evading rules made by others. What are the developers scared of ? The truth?

 's picture

A chance-- before it's too late...

The people of Carthage have an incredible opportunity to be the designers of their own destiny. They have the chance to do what's right and what's intelligent, rather than what is forced on them by a greedy developer or a misguided administration. People living in unorganized territories in the Expedited Pemritting Area do not have that right and that privilege, so I urge you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and enact a moratorium. Take that breathing space a moratorium will aloow, and research the FACTS about industrial wind. Don't listen to rhetoric, don't believe what the developer says... everyone is clouded by their own desires and potential gains. Research the facts. Listen to the scientists and the economics experts... those who have no stake in Industrial Wind. And THEN... then do what common sense and integrity and a sense of stewardship tell you to do. This is a great opportunity to behave as an American citizen, by being involved and having a 'say'. Let your voices be heard. I wish you the best of luck. Karen Pease, Lexington Twp., ME or

 's picture

Got to Try

The selectmen may become very unpopular if this industrial complex is constructed and if folks aren't given a REAL and educated opportunity to vote on the matter. I understand how you feel, northwoods. But let's give it a try, anyway. Carthage residents need to seize this chance. There is growing concern now that the idea of the project has had a chance to sink in.


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