Rumford results pending

RUMFORD — Results from Tuesday's polls for the town meeting municipal elections and warrant articles, as well as tallies for primaries, were not reported by late Tuesday night. Check the Sun Journal website for results, which will be posted as soon as the information is available.

Meet the candidates
Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Rumford Selectman Jeff Sterling, right, and selectman's candidate Eric Giroux, behind Sterling, greet Rumford residents as they head into the American Legion Hall to vote on Tuesday afternoon.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Rumford ballot assistant J. Arthur Boivin, right, helps Richard E. Jennison enter one of seven ballots into the lone working machine late Tuesday afternoon, while Audrey Coffin waits to feed her ballots into the computer. Rumford's other computerized ballot machine broke down after 5,000 ballots were fed into it. Each voter got seven ballots to fill out, including the town's 37 remaining town meeting budget articles, a process Boivin said took 20 minutes or more to complete.

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Jack Kaubris's picture

Pretty darn good day for Rumford

Not sure of all of the results of election day, but the selectmen's vote by the townspeople reflects the confidence this town has in the direction of the current board. DWilson, can you cite any credible sources for your claim that 'Rumford has the highest property tax rate in the State'? What are you basing your 'adjusted' and 'non adjusted' rate on ? I have lived in several communities in this state and Rumford's property taxes are considerably lower than many. I expect to see you working the polls next time (with all your helpful insight and all).

Tony Capola's picture


So that's the problem... numerically challenged vote counters! Or is it to give them time to "Get Jiggy wit It" as in Florida.

Tony Capola's picture

Delayed Results

It is now past 3 PM on the day following election day and still no results. This is very disappointing and frustrating. Why are the numbers posted or at least an indication as to why no results.

 's picture


Just wondering how "legal" the results will be in Rumford. People, including myself, were asked if we just wanted to drop them in a tote. It was not locked, and not over seen by anyone either.

 's picture

Maybe they're

afraid to post the results. It would be great if the budget was sent back and some incumbents ousted. We need some new blood with new ideas.


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