Lack of consideration

This is for those who sat and chatted, walked around or let their children run amok during the Lewiston High School graduation ceremony June 4.

They should be ashamed of themselves. They didn't seem to ever consider that some people would have liked to actually hear the speeches.

That was supposed to be a special day for the graduating seniors. Attention should have been directed toward the stage, not each other or cell phones.

How rude of some to talk throughout the ceremony and let children ruin the decorations.

One more thing — when did shorts and a tank top become acceptable attire for such an occasion?

Way to honor our teens and give Travis Roy a new reason to dislike Lewiston.

Cathy Blais, Lewiston

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 's picture

its not a shot-it doesn't

its not a shot-it doesn't bother me. if it ruined my night or made me angry-but i'm go with the flow... and if i did anything wrong. pirate is famous for badgering people. i don't reply to disrespectful comments-but it made me laugh so hard... i just merely pointed it out. =]

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"pirate is famous for

"pirate is famous for badgering people".....flattery will get you nowhere, but this Pirate does accept the compliment.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot learned a new word

The parrot learned a new word today. Narcissist.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

No bother to thank me...the

No bother to thank me...the parrot fell asleep while reading it.

 's picture

hahahaha you arent kidding

hahahaha you arent kidding

 's picture

hahah! well when you're

hahah! well when you're asking a question 'how did you graduate' one can only assume that you are making an intimation that i haven't graduated... rather implying how else could i graduate if i didn't go to my ceremony. if it was an honest-whole hearted question then i shouldn't have found it enlightening-however-we all know just how smart you are.

i love school-i love learning. it is just the people i can't stand. backward thinking if you will.

and i am so glad you checked my profile out. i do have a lot to say. thanks for checking it out. =]

 's picture

if anyone knows anything-out

if anyone knows anything-out in public-with kids-to avoid crying or anything its almost best to let them explore. who cares? everyone in the world is so laid back. what do you expect when you have a couple hundred kids graduating with 5xs the family. maybe if graduation didn't last hours it would be different. i never went to my graduation ceremony. couldn't stand all the people... still can't.

one thing i do agree with is cell phones. that is more of an annoyance than anything. put them away people! especially while driving.

always easier to blame it all-all on the 'unknown'. sick of people placing blame and being judgmental.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"I never went to my

"I never went to my graduation ceremony".
Unless it was because of sick leave or death in the family, how'd you graduate?

 's picture

you don't have to go to the

you don't have to go to the ceremony to get your diploma. lol! thats so funny. they sent it to me in the mail just like anyone else. lol!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And all because you decided

And all because you decided you didn't feel like going?
Some school.

 's picture

sj commenters are sooo

sj commenters are sooo relentless! what do you wanna see it? shakes head*

 's picture

i tell you what 'pirate'...

i tell you what 'pirate'... haha! this was so funny (sooo funny) that i almost fell out of my chair dying of laughter-that i have to share this on my social networking site! rofl! haha!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You might want to get some

You might want to get some help for your uncontrollable laughing syndrome.
Your wrote several paragraphs in your profile about how you like to treat everyone with respect and dignity; and yet, here you are attempting to ridicule and make fun of me (whom you know nothing about) over a totally innocuous statement I made. So much for YOUR interpretation of the Golden Rule.

 's picture

i agree that it's an everyone

i agree that it's an everyone problem. people believe that small children add 'something special' to an event and should be encluded, they don't realize that not every event is appropriate. people think that the world will stop turning if they turn off their phones. graduation is an oppertunity for teens to shine and they should be treated with special attention, sometimes it is the only time that their family will take notice.

i'd also like to say that homeless teens with no one graduate too. if you have a graduation robe and sash and hat that is no longer in use, the homeless teen center can use them for those who can't afford to buy them. lets make graduations special for all teens.

 's picture


I'm sure Cathy is referring to the Somalians. Some of the (not all) were just roaming around during the whole ceremony and just don't know how to shut up. I also went to the Middle School graduation and had the same problem there. One woman actually walked right up the middle aisle right between the boys and girls graduating. Self centered, no consideration for others.

 's picture

i will never understand why

i will never understand why the separation/segregation...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There is an apparent lack of

There is an apparent lack of societal skills.


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