Reclaim this country

It is unacceptable for our elected officials to favor big business, banks and oil companies over their constituents. This country belongs to all of us, not just a chosen few.

All lobbying should be abolished. These people represent special interest groups only. They lobby to get their way, regardless of the burden to others.

It is unacceptable to continue to pollute this planet without regard to present and future generations.

It is unacceptable to rely on oil as our primary source of energy. We need to be much more energy-efficient and independent.

It is unacceptable for politicians in Washington, D.C., to be far more concerned with which party they belong to rather than resolving the many problems and issues we are facing all across the country.

Our forefathers would cringe if they could see us now.

It is time for Americans to reclaim this country. If our present politicians refuse to represent us, they need to be voted out and those who will serve us voted in.

Peggy Belkenny, Auburn

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David A Gagnon

Its hard competing against yourself and thinkingman for most uninformed man of the year. "lock on the turbines used for wind mills" Nope the chinese do not GE. But then you invent this classic smear - "The Gulf crisis could have been avoided, the technology and the know how was there, but he intentionally refused the aid and allowed it to get out of hand, in order to make his push for Cap and Trade." Only 7 words of truth in this conspiracy theory, "The Gulf crisis could have been avoided". Yes it could have had only BP followed their own procedures and not cut costs the gusher in the Gulf would have been a successful oil well. Obama never refused any request for aid from BP. In fact none was made because BP was trying to hide the gusher. He did not "allow" it to get out of hand BP did. Why bother hatred and thinking are incompatible.


Educate yourself.

"When a tax is levied on a business of industry, the money to pay the tax does not come out of thin air or some other miraculous pocket, we pay it in the form of higher prices for the goods and services that company is selling." Only if they are an illegal monopoly or a health insurer. According to even Republican false-economic theory in a free market profits are reduced.

 's picture

hey tron, does the name

hey tron, does the name Jeffrey R. Immelt, ring a bell for you. He's the CEO of GE, the biggest beneficiary of Cap and Trade. He spends loads of time visiting Berry O. They not only have a lock on the turbines used for wind mills, they also have a ready made staff to man the carbon trade market if and when it opens. They stand to make billions because of the "close" ties to the Obama administration. You and your bosom buddy Voisine have been drinking the Berry O Cool Aid for to long. Even democrats are pissed at Berry now. The Gulf crisis could have been avoided, the technology and the know how was there, but he intentionally refused the aid and allowed it to get out of hand, in order to make his push for Cap and Trade. This speech tonight will be all about him and how he is going to fix the wrongs of big oil, when he is as much to blame as BP is.

 's picture

so ...

You're SERIOUSLY going to try to convince us that the SEIU isn't in the Democrat tank? They OPENLY (and emphatically!) endorse Democrat candidates, for cryin' out loud!! ACLU; ACORN; Teamsters; AFL-CIO; ... need I continue?

 's picture

Ok tron, who is has sold out

Ok tron, who is has sold out to lobbyists? You might want to read theses articles.

 's picture

we have let it become this

we have let it become this way...

people will not change what they do not recognize, sadly. they are all about the money and power.

 's picture


What alternate reality did you come from, tron? Oh, that's right; I forgot. The ol' Saul Alinsky playbook - keep saying some that's false is true and eventually it will be, right? Wow, you're in rare form today with re-writing history, dude.


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