Councilors expand summer paving program

LEWISTON — The City Council on Tuesday night earmarked $1.37 million to repair city streets.

City road repair projects

Summer 2010

Previously funded

  • Lisbon Street on-ramp to Plourde Parkway.
  • Webster Street, East to Webber avenues.
  • Randall Road, between Ballfield Road and Crestview Estates.
  • Biron Avenue, between Scribner and Baird.
  • Fairmount Street, Cote to Valley.

Original bond projects

  • Cotton Road, about 1 mile starting at 55 Cotton Road.
  • Pond Road, Sabattus to Golder.
  • Switzerland Road, Main to the new pavement.
  • College Road, Merill to the town line.

Additional projects

  • Crowley Road, Old Webster to No Name Brook.
  • Old Green Road, Acorn to No Name Pond.
  • Jeanette Avenue, Webster to Marguerette.
  • Jeffrey Street, Fairmount to Pleasant.
  • River Road, from Ferry Road north 2,750 feet.
  • Southridge Lane, Woodside to the dead end.
  • St. Patrick Avenue, Nimitz to St. Joseph.
  • Shank Street, Webster to the dead end.
  • Ernest Street, Hogan to Central.

Councilors voted 6-0 to create a supplemental borrowing package to fund nine road repair projects in addition to the 10 already funded in the city's capital improvement plan.

They approved the new borrowing without debate.

New projects include full-depth rehabilitation projects on Crowley and Old Greene roads and several smaller repaving projects around the city.

Councilors approved a capital plan at their June 1 meeting that included $1 million in new borrowing. That money will pay for a new ditch, drainage and rehabilitation along Cotton Road, a rehabilitation of Pond Road and surface paving along Switzerland and College roads.

Another $450,000 in leftover paving funds will pay to repave the Lisbon Street ramps onto Plourde Parkway and for patching and paving along parts of Webster and Fairmount streets, Randall Road and Biron Avenue. It also sets aside $25,000 to patch potholes around the city.

The city had planned to demolish the massive Bates Mill building at Main and Canal streets this spring, but councilors voted in March to halt the demolition. The city had planned to borrow $800,000 to pay for that work.  Even though that $800,000 was never borrowed, councilors agreed to re-purpose it to pay for the projects on Crowley and Old Greene roads.

The city had also planned to use $570,000 to repair the single lane on Beech Street, crossing the canal to Simard/Payne Police Memorial Park. Councilors decided to delay that project, using that $570,000 to pave and patch seven other roads.

View Lewiston Summer paving in a larger map

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 's picture

pot hole city

I wonder if they would like to use Oak Street...from Union Street up to Davis Street on a daily basis......The holes in the road were made over five years ago and they patch here and there but never does it last more then a few months. I have seen people fall because of the holes and bike riders go flying...We have been on roads for hunting that are in better condition than our own city.....

 's picture

it is, i agree. i assume it

it is, i agree. i assume it is not priority because inner city is 'not good enough'... no doubt old greene road needs some work... ehhh-maybe they will take care of it next year?

 's picture

"Inner City Streets"

Tron - there are downtown streets being paved this summer. but they were funded using other sources. For example, Horton St, Ash St and Pine St are all planned to receive attention this year. The item before the Council addressed only the funding that was being discussed at that meeting.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You make a goodpoint, T...All

You make a goodpoint, T...All depends on who lives where, I guess.


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