People saw through the deceit

Plaudits for Maine voters. Despite the Sun Journal's last-minute embracing and hawking of Augusta's so-called "tax reform" measure, the people of Maine saw through the lies and deceit, defeating it by a sizable measure.

Perhaps our illustrious leaders will finally realize that Maine's people are not the gullible buffoons they seem to believe we are.

That measure was nothing more than a huge tax increase disguised as a benefit by reducing the income tax.

By expanding the sales tax, I want to know how mathematical geniuses deduced that a questionable, measly, yearly income tax savings of $150 ($12.50 per month) would offset the increased tax burden on Maine families. I want to know how accounting wizards figured that the measure would shift the tax burden to tourists. In the best of times, the tourist season covers four months a year. Since visitors already pay taxes on most amenities of interest to them, the true burden of the outrageous deception rested on every Mainer, 12 months a year.

Following the vote, a proponent's article in the Sun Journal wailed how Maine voters consistently rejected tax reform for more than 40 years. Quite the contrary; we have not, and would never, reject honest tax reform.

We reject political shams.

From bitter experience, we have learned that when Augusta hands us a nickel with one hand, the other hand is rifling our pockets for a quarter.

Roger R. Turcotte, Lewiston

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Republica lies

When a Democrat is President and republicans control Congress, the President makes all the decisions. When the reverse Congress is in control and makes all th decisions. At least according to the "we never accept blame or apologize for anything" Republicans.
Well we have 2000-2006. Republicans in control of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. What did we get. More than $6 trillion in debt, one legal and one illegal war not paid for, a Prescription Drug program not paid for, $2.1 trillion tax cut for the very wealthiest Americans not paid for, illegal wiretapping, the torture of innocent prisoners of war, the destruction of New Orleans which because the residents were black got little help from the administration, the Mineral Management Service sex & bribery scandal, the Madoff scandal, and by the way the worst recession since the Second World War.
Republicans are perfectly capable of ruining the US all by themselves.


Conservatives don't learn and they can't count

This is an empty letter. Not a single fact, just opinoin based on nothing.
The people who figured it out Roger are the non-partisan Maine Revenue Service. You know the people with all the tax returns, sales taxes, and all the other little taxes we pay. They also hav computers (its not pencils anymore Roger) and reaaly good modelling programs that can estimate what effect a tax change would make on revenues. You know the numbers Republicans hve used for years until Democrats fixed the tax system.
People didn't see through the deceit. The deceit was republicans falsely claiming that LD 1495 would create 102 new taxes. People didn't see through the lies.

 's picture

questionable math???

At Roger's rate of $150 a year, I guess he is basing that on a annual salary of only $7,500 (using the 2% income tax reduction)? Is that realistic? Using a very modest 20,000 salary, one would get $400 more in their pocket. You would have to purchase a lot of goods/services to spend that on some sales tax increases/additions. A middle class couple could easily get over $1,000 more in their pockets.

Steve Bulger's picture

At least he's

At least he's working...unlike some in these fora.


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