Lewiston mother of four charged with Oxy-related crimes

LEWISTON — A 29-year-old mother of four was arrested Thursday night and charged with possessing more than $21,000 worth of the painkiller OxyContin.

Lewiston woman facing drug charges
submitted photo

Chastity Coy

Maine Drug Enforcement

Maine Drug Enforcement

Chasity Coy was arrested on a drug-trafficking charge after police and drug agents raided her home at 20 Howe St., uncovering hundreds of OxyContin tablets and a variety of other drugs.

Arrangements for the care of Coy's four children, ages 12, 10, 4 and 3, were made before she was taken to the county jail in Auburn, police said.

On Thursday night, Maine Drug Enforcement agents were joined by officers from Lewiston and Maine State Police as they went to Coy's first-floor apartment with a search warrant.

MDEA Supervisor Gerry Baril said the search uncovered two plastic baggies containing a total of 268 tablets of OxyContin, 80-milligram tablets of the prescription narcotic, in Coy's bedroom.

Baril said a glass jar containing a half-ounce of marijuana and a stack of bills totaling $1,000 were also found in the bedroom. In the kitchen, agents seized a marble mortar and pestle used to crush or powder substances such as tablets.

In the bathroom, agents seized a 2-ounce bottle of Inositol, a white powder commonly used to cut other drugs, 35 tablets of codeine and 33 tablets of Naproxen, 500-milligram tablets, Baril said. Both are narcotic painkillers.

Investigators said Coy did not have prescriptions for the OxyContin tablets and intended to sell the pills at the current street value of $1 per milligram, establishing the estimated street value at $21,440.

The charges against Coy are considered aggravated because she allegedly had 8,000 milligrams of OxyContin with intent to sell it. Coy also has a prior conviction. In 2006, she was convicted of trafficking and furnishing an illegal drug.

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 's picture

Anyone who believes that this

Anyone who believes that this was a poor mother attempting to sell drugs to support her children and herself must drink kool aide and read comic books. She obviously was not acting alone but was involved with other individuals, the quantities of the meds prove that.

Melissa  Dunn's picture

nuff said... no comment.

nuff said... no comment.

Laurie Bryant's picture

The lady is not trash, but dont make excuses for her actions

The lady in question is most likely not trash. That is not nice to say. BUT....dont justify her actions because she is down and out or needs to support her children. What is wrong is wrong. We all make mistakes, and we should be held accountable for these mistakes. There are many resources available (including drug rehab) to help this woman. It is sad that there are children involved and removed from the home. Maybe this is the best thing to get this woman back on track to become a productive member of society and a true role model for her children. I think people should have a second chance to redeem themselves, but this woman has been convicted of other drug charges in the past---it is not that she did not know the consequences.

Sad situation on many levels, and I hope the children are not permanently affected by this.

Dave Bussey's picture

What is wrong is wrong

And it's all very very simple. Easy to understand. Not.

Laurie Bryant's picture

glad to to see others clarify

The lady in the article is obviously a criminal and distribution of narcotics (or an Rx of any sort) to anyone other than the person for whom it is prescribed is illegal. And to think that there are four children in the household...

As a side note, I am glad that people clarified that Naprosyn (naproxen on the shelf) is not a narcotic. Narcotics work on mu, delta, and kappa receptors and Naprosyn is a NSAID (ie, doesnt act in the same place or have the same action). Pure and simple. If she distributes naprosyn to others (again, if the Rx is in her name only), it is illegal, regardless if it is an opioid or not. Article writers should do their research!!

Patricia Doustout's picture


How dare you people judge this woman and her FAMILY, I know the family personally, they are a very loving & caring family, the choices that children make after they are gone are thier choices. I also know that she was NOT a loser, she was going to school to help make a better life for her children, but we as a society have failed her and others. Maybe we should revamp our system, do something to these deadbeat dads, no we just let them be and NOT make them accountable for these babies they make. I see it everyday, these girls having 3 or 4 babies by the same guy and and they have to do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! I get so upset when I see this and these girls are doing whatever "thier man" wants them to do. And you hear these guys braggin about how many kids they have, but they are tryng to collect social security because they "anger" issues, OH please! Sorry I went on a tangent, but I know that Chas make a few mistakes, oh yeah God forbid if we should look in our past and "we" have not made mistakes. She made a poor choice in trying to make money to support her children, but we have no problem with strippers or escorts as they are called today, spreading life threating diseases.

Lori Savage's picture

theyre everywhere

oxy effects alot of people in this world! not just people on welfare....people that work in hospitals etc. the sad thing is most of these users have no pain or ailments.....and what they would do for a pill is disgusting.... and if they get caught doing something they will rat whoever to get out of trouble....so where do we start? maybe piss testing people on welfare,people with jobs in the hospital...etc..

Glenn Aho's picture

Naproxen AKA Aleve

Naproxen is the same drug as over the counter Aleve just in a higher mg concentration.

True it is an analgesic just as the Oxycontin (Oxycodone) and Codeine are however, Naproxen is what's known as an NSAID or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drug. It is NOT a Narcotic

Oxycodone and Codeine on the other hand are Narcotics or AKA Opioid Analgesics.

Hopefully this has cleared up some of the confustion

Glenn Aho's picture

Sorry for any confusion I

Sorry for any confusion I meant to say that Naproxen is the the active drug in Aleve The reason the Naproxen in this case is an RX is because of higher concentrations (500mg)


[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

 's picture

People are not trash

This woman, a human being, is NOT a piece of trash. She is human being who has made some major mistakes and has done some major things wrong. She and her children are not trash, and no one has the right to say that they should be thrown away. How horrible to suggest that anyone be euthanized! These comments are straight out of hell.

I was also given Naproxin 500

I was also given Naproxin 500 mg by my doctor. It is a prescription because of the strength.

 's picture

What is so sad is that there

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

Martha Burnell's picture

I was given naproxin 500 mg

I was given naproxin 500 mg by my doctor.. for pain. Since that's what analgesics are, and 500 mg is prescription strength, how is the article wrong?

Martha Burnell's picture

I was given naproxin 500 mg

I was given naproxin 500 mg by my doctor.. for pain. Since that's what analgesics are, and 500 mg is prescription strength, how is the article wrong?

 's picture

what a mother

Let me guess, us taxpayers are paying her state aide, food stamps and all that shit, to sell these drugs . Have to love our system, half of the dhhs welfare program people do the same, just haven't been caught. Her kids deserve a better life than that.


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