Good old boys back in town

Go back just five years and ask how much was the weekly food bill compared to what is paid now. For those on a fixed income, they have to cut out things they used to buy.

Now, I hear people say that the Auburn City Council has cut this and that out of the city budget, yet taxes are still going up. And maybe someone can tell me why city employees got a raise in pay. It doesn't take a mathematician to come up with an answer. If the city of Auburn wanted to keep the same services it had, then where would that money come from? More taxes or cut out some services.

People should stop complaining.

Now the city has all the councilors and mayor, plus the city manager, all educated by taking a test on law, even though the city has a law firm under contract to take care of all legal matters. Do we need any more lawyers in control of government, federal, state or city?

It certainly looks like the "good old boys" are back in town. I was led to believe that was all over and done with.

The older people in town still make a lot of sense when it comes to governing the city.

Reggie Emery Sr., Auburn

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Auburn teachers get raises

Auburn teachers get raises that are going to cost taxpayers $593,103 in this coming fiscal year, and The manager is now telling us he is not going to plow the streets at night.

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I tell people to read The

I tell people to read The Rights of Man by Tom Paine... or Rousseau.

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honestly i don't know what to

honestly i don't know what to say... isn't that what maine and america have become? its been like this for years! WE made it this way... yes-people need to stop 'complaining' and start being proactive and doing someTHING about it.


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