Three arrested in Little Canada incident Thursday

John Berry photo

Officers detain Clayton Chapman III, 20, of Lewiston.

LEWISTON — Police arrested three people after a short foot chase ended with a suspect seeking shelter in a friend's Oxford Street apartment,   Lt. Mark Cornelio, the public information officer for the Lewiston Police said Thursday.

John Berry photo

A police officer looks out over Oxford Street during the standoff Thursday morning.

John Berry photo

Police officers wait outside on Oxford Street.

John Berry photo

Officers arresting Jeffrey Williams, 29, of Lewiston.

John Berry photo

An officer arrests Kellian Ritchie, 18, of Auburn.

Clayton Chapman III, 20 of 113 Horton St. fled on foot from Sgt. Marc Robitaille when Robitaille tried to apprehend him for a probation violation.

Chapman, on probation for an earlier conviction, had violated a curfew and was not at his home when a probation officer checked on him, Cornelio said.

As he ran from Robitaille, Chapman appeared to be clutching at some thing in his waistband and police had earlier reports that he had threatened somebody with a gun, Cornelio said.

Chapman ran into the apartment of Jeffrey Williams, 29 of 116 Oxford St. and Williams refused to let police enter without a warrant so what appeared to be a standoff ensued as police surrounded the apartment and awaiting a warrant to arrest Chapman, Cornelio said.

Neighbors from nearby apartment buildings on River and Oxford streets were also evacauated for safety just before 8 a.m. Cornelio said.

Eventually police arrested Chapman, Williams and Kellian Ritchie, 18 of Auburn.

Williams was charged with a bail violation and hindering the apprehension of suspect and Ritchie was also charged with hindering the apprehension of a suspect, Cornelio said.

As of 9:30 a.m., a squad car and a K9 unit, but no dog, were still at the building, apparently focusing their investigation on the second and third floor apartments at 116 Oxford St.

The building is located at the corner of Cedar and Oxford streets, across from the Franco American Center.

Robert Cote said that police evacuated he and other tenants from the neighboring apartment buildings early Thursday.

Chapman was on probation for a criminal mischief conviction where a knifew was involved, according to Robitaille who spoke briefly with reporters at the scene.

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Hummels? I was thinking of magnetized black and white matching Scotty dogs.

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So, we have Tron, Son of

So, we have Tron, Son of Tron, and now, Tronblowsgoats. Ya gotta love it. This place is really fun. Great refuge from piracy.

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Ho hum, it's Clayton Chapman

Ho hum, it's Clayton Chapman the turd.

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The parrot wants to know why

The parrot wants to know why you so hate the cops. He thinks you might have been (or still are) an outlaw once and they got the best of you. So now you hate them all. But, all this is coming from the b-b sized brain of a parrot.

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Demanding a warrant when you

Demanding a warrant when you know you are harboring a fugitive is illegal. Look it up.

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inmates can earn up to 9 days

inmates can earn up to 9 days a month of good time. so most inmates are released only two thirds into a sentence.

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Why was this puke free??

Previous news article said that on April 10,2010 he pleaded guilty and agreed to spend 2 years in prison....we are only 2+ months from April 10....I know overcrowding is an issue but this is ridicolous...

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This little creep will be a career criminal, it looks like.

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The parrot sez, "Then, he

The parrot sez, "Then, he must be always happy."


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