Let's put an end to the secret hold

Maine's two senators have offered to cross party lines to help end a baffling Senate practice which deserves to go the way of the spittoon and smoke-filled back room — the secret hold.

Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins have, along with 63 colleagues, signed a petition to ban the practice, which allows a single senator to secretly stall appointments and legislation.

This issue came to a head earlier this year when it was revealed that Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, was secretly holding up 70 Obama administration appointees because a company in his state was denied a military contract.

The appointees in question had already received support — sometimes overwhelming bipartisan support — from Senate committees.

Yet, they had been delayed 90 days or longer to satisfy one angry senator.

The original intent of the hold was to allow a senator to slow things down until he or she had time to read the legislation or do more research.

That's a worthy goal, but senators can do the same thing and still attach their name to the hold.

The secret hold is simply undemocratic and an open invitation to abuse.


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Ed Enos's picture


Reading some these "interactions" is like listening to a bunch of 10 yr olds fight.

 's picture

AJ, and thinkingman, please provide proof

that you are NOT members of the KKK. Should be simple enough, right?

 's picture

Interesting innuendo from someone who

frequently goes "camping" on weekends with teenage boys.

 's picture

You cannot find where I support NAMBLA, I was just defending

someone against an unfair accusation, which you and your clan do all the time. The only reason you're "respecting" my privacy is you're hoping everyone makes the wrong assumption. What a lame-ass why to conduct an arguement. So, now days, it is called "character developement?", it was really called something else when I was younger, so go ahead and delude yourself. Oh, I don't think scouts should be making out with adults, male or females, but then that's not my thing.

Mark Wrenn's picture


Do you have even one single legitimate source for your assertions? Of course not, there aren't any.

 's picture

What a twisted liar you are!

Mr. Jennings is NOT a member of NAMBLA, and you cannot show proof that he ever was. You misrepresent GLSEN, it is not an organization that promotes anything but tolerance, something you appear to know nothing about. It's too bad you're not worth the effort of suing, because Mr. Jennings could make a mint off of you.

So you believe illegals should be paid less than minimum wage? One of the incentives for employers to hire illegals is that they pay them less then the going rate. If caught, employers frequently say they didn't know someone was an illegal, and they get away with it, but if they paid them less then minimum wage, their goose is cooked, if prosecuted. They can't weasel out of having paid them less. It's just another tool to help prevent people like you from hiring illegals.

 's picture

you accuse me of being nasty or intolerant?

well. let's see where YOU went today. First you accuse Mr. Jennings of being an ACTIVE member of NAMBLA to being a strong supporter. Big leap AND you haven't proved he's a "supporter", all we have is your unsubstantiated rumor. And the literature that was distributed concern SAFE sex, which I think is a good thing, but you could have a reasonable disagreement about teaching any sex in school, but teaching SAFE sex is not promoting sex, it is for an adolescence's protection.

I totally agree employers should be jailed for employing illegals. All the way from the CEO of a company to a housewife hiring day laborers. But getting fake work visas is extremely easy and some employers can legitimately claim they didn't know. BUT, if they pay them less than minimum, there's no wiggle room on that.

I love how you give what YOU consider to be the ultimate insult, that I'm gay. That is really none of your business, but I will tell you one thing, I am nasty and intolerant to three types of people, liars, bigots and fools. You're two out of three, so keep talking you'll soon hit the trifecta.

 's picture

WOW, what a witty repartee,

took you only six whole hours to think that up?

 's picture

And you're unable to

work and think at the same time. i get it. I hope your job doesn't entail something important.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

We are a democratic republic

These undemocratic Senate rules need to end.

 's picture

How about eliminating

the stupid 60 vote rule for cloture? Nothing impedes democracy more than a few hatefill senators blocking every piece of legislation.


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