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In response to the June 12 editorial regarding results of the primary/referendum election, I  offer a different opinion.

On June 8, thousands of Maine voters, many without a political party, went to the polls to support "Yes on 1," the repeal of the Democrats' tax reform law — the new sales taxes on labor and services.

Thousands of them went to the polls and registered Republican because the Democrats' tax plan, enacted by the Democrats and promoted by them, clearly was an attack on the working class — the constituency the Democratic Party once proudly represented.

People went to the polls, supported tax repeal and reached the logical conclusion that the Democratic Party had abandoned their interests. They clearly understood that the once-proud Democratic Party has disappeared and the “new Democrats” no longer represent their views.

The tax reform issue represents the third time in two years that Maine voters rejected a major policy matter enacted by the liberal Democratic legislators who control the State House.

In 2008, voters repealed the taxes on beverages enacted to fund the failed Dirigo program.

In 2009, people repealed the Democratic-passed law that allowed same sex marriage.

In 2010, on June 8, the voters solidly rejected the scheme to add a sales tax on 102 new items — the labor/services tax.

On June 8, thousands of Mainers joined the Republican Party. They will continue to do so, as working people examine the policies supported by the Maine Democratic Party.

Charles Webster, Farmington

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Dream on GOP

he only forumst That you come close to winning are radio talk shows.and blogs like these! Elections are not even close, because voters see right thru your B.S.!

 's picture

When you figure your taxes this year...

subtract 25 percent. That's how much you would NOT have paid had Question 1 been defeated. It's as simple as that. As for the "over 100" other taxes, that has NOTHING to do with you. All that matters to you are the taxes you would have paid IF you took advantage of that particular service. If, from that list of over 100 new taxes, you had only had your car serviced, that's the only tax you would have paid in that list of "over 100 new taxes." Maine has the narrowest sales tax in the country. It needs to be expanded. And don't bring up No Sales Tax New Hampshire, which is in the top three in the country in property taxes.

 's picture

Double duh!

So, you could be at least $5000/yr richer living in Hew Hampshire? And you're still here?

 's picture

tea party

Tea party Charlie has a nice ring to it.


This is the chairman of the Republican Party isn't it.

Just look at his party's platform if you want to see an anti-working class party. Charlie the Fool Webster is at it again. Charlie your mother taught you it wasn't right to lie.
The Republicans had an easy time lying to the public that this was a tax increase when it wasn't. The saving weren't just in the first year. Have you looked at the inflation rate. Have you seen how few republican employers are giving raises the past few years. The savings would have been permanent. People were fooled into believe this was a tax increase by the same folks who didn't want to collect the sales tax on new items and services. This was business vs the people and the people lost.


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