Maine does not need extremists

As the Gulf disaster demonstrates the wages of narrow Republican group-think that advanced the concept that regulation and oversight cause problems (an avoidable catastrophe because the Bush administration refused to properly regulate deep-water oil drilling), a closer-to-home version of right-wing ideological extremism that could produce enormous failure for Maine played out with the Republican nomination of Paul LePage.

Within hours of his nomination, frothing supporters were busy leaving online posts accusing Democrats of being in favor of a "welfare state," or worse, actually being against LePage because they are on welfare. Clearly, the nomination of LePage has, based on the statements of his followers and his own statements, focused the lens of public opinion on a host of far right social issues.

At a time when Republicans had the wind at their back with highly qualified candidates such as Peter Mills and Steve Abbott, a segment of that party in Maine chose to frame the entire race by a host of divisive social issues. Is this really the race that Republicans wanted to be running?

Meanwhile, LePage radio ads spoke of the "Democrat" party, not the "Democratic" Party. Rush Limbaugh called the Democratic Party the "Democrat" party because he didn't think it was democratic at all, and his far-right lemmings followed. It would appear that LePage is among them.

Oddly, LePage now claims to be an inclusive centrist who will represent all Mainers. On right-wing radio, however, LePage seemed to be a reliable right-wing extremist.

Mark Tardif, Waterville

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I'm saying the Republicans can not talk out of both sides of their mouths and expect us to believe them.
Your incentives are in fact corporate welfare. A re-distribution of wealth based not on what has been earn. I don't buy your assumptions that 1%ers create jobs nor that giving them incentives grows the economy. Some years back a gentleman approached the Missouri legislature with a proposal to built a huge hog feed lot along the Mississippi. He needed a new road, waivers on environment regulations, a place to load hogs into refrigerated railway cars. All total he wanted 10's of millions of dollars. Passed the Missouri House. When the Senate took it up, a staffer estimated that the feed lot would each day produce enough manure to cover the State of Missouri to a height of 3 feet. The proposal died; the promoter disappeared.
Incentives given to working people do grow the economy. For every dollar in unemployment benefits spent $1.93 in economic growth is produced. Economic grow is a function of productivity growth. If your 1%ers invest 5% of their re-distributed welfare, that will increase productivity if spent wisely. 60% of major private computer projects fail. That doesn't help productivity. It all depends on how the money is used.
I prefer that it trickles up not down and I think our economic history justifies that conclusion.


Jim McCarthy, I'm confused

The Republican Party says that the top 1% of wage earners are overtaxed by Federal Income taxes and that the working man is getting a almost free ride. Didn't I just see that half of Americans are paying no federal income taxes at all. Then how could it be that the era of taking from the working man is about to end. You at least should agree with the Republicas daily talking points.


Jim, you are joking right

"allowing Mainer's to purchase health insurance outside of the state." What's extreme about that. Is it legal in any state?. Why would ayone want to do that. You lose regulatory control, you make civil suits more difficult. The Insurance companies not subject to anti-trust laws would simply move to the state with the least regulation, agree amongst themselfs what to charge for what, and no one could do anything about it. Why would allowing this increase competition when the insurance companies aren't reguired to compete. A single payer health insurance fund is extreme? Mass. has it. The Federal Government almost passed it. Paying for the health insurance fund is extreme by taxing things that contribute to the need for the fund? Libby Micheal sounds very mainstream.

Jim McCarthy's picture

Well....there is one joke here... are right, Libby is mainstream for causing to hold Maine back and the problems she and her fellow leadership have dropped on us. Without competition, our insurance rates run 30 to 40 percent higher than say, New Hampshire. The federal government and it's ramrodding of legislation the majority don't want is another topic, stay on task please. You obviously are joking with the mainstream comment and trust me, everybody get's it. The democratic extremists who have been in power for over thirty years in this state continue to over tax (No joke there right? Top 5, some say #1), over regulate (No joke there, ask a logger or fisherman), over spend (No joke there, they just tried to pass 102 new taxes and fees. Oh wait, bowling was exempt, do you know why jalbrecht? That is a joke!) Your last sentence, about taxing us for health insurance, ummmm, DIRIGO IS A STELLAR EXAMPLE, another joke. As I said, and your reply confirms, the extremists are scared they are about lose power in Maine.


2010 Republican Platform is LePage's.

Everyone should read it. Written by two key LePage operatives and then passed through the Knox Chairman to cover its origins so LePage would have "deniability", the platform is a collection of just about every extremist rant for the last 30 years. But we don't even have to pin this where it belongs. The Republican Party in Convention assembled adopted this platform by majority vote. And they are representative of the party as a whole aren't they? Besides my favorite of encouraging child abuse, the platform rejects such favorite targets of the extreme right-wingers as "the global warming myth", participation in "one world government", and the UN Rights of the Child treaty. By the way the platform has almost nothing to say about specific Maine problems.
Now LePage is running away from his Party's platform, but not its positions nor their supporters.

Jim McCarthy's picture

Huh? It's still Bush's fault?

Geez Mark,
Let me get this straight, it's Bush's fault? Ok, there's the beginning of your credibility issue. Let's not discuss the current administration of 'hope & change' refusing help, and what a bang up job they have done...oh, that's right, Bush is in charge....

Local extremists? Like Libby Mitchell being the poster child for extremism. Hmmm...she has voted against allowing Mainer's to purhcase health insurance outside of the state. She voted for a 2.14% to fund the failed Dirigo health system and and also for the beer, wine, and soda tax, again, to fund the failed Dirigo health plan. Mandatory paid sick days, blah, blah, blah.

I'm afraid Mr. Tardif and his other extremist friend are afraid. They are afraid the tax and spend movement of the past 30 plus years which has made the state of Maine an over taxed and unfriendly business climate where our claim to fame is exporting jobs and our children. Sorry Mr. Tardif, big government, big spending, and continuing to take from the working man is coming to an end.

 's picture


Paul LePage has stated on several occasions that he will be focused on fiscal issues while Governor. The Democrats have created a monster of a financial problem and it will need every ounce of Paul's considerable talents to dig Maine out of the deep, Democrat dug, chasm that we find ourselves in.

While issues such as the one you raised might be high on the Democrat agenda, it isn't on Paul's. He focused on the work in front of him.

Democrats will try to confuse the Maine voters by talking social issues, while LePage will be talking financial issues. I submit that most Maine private sector employees don't have the time to talk about social issues. They are worried about things like paying bills and keeping their jobs.

 's picture

Kudos to Mr Stone. I love

Kudos to Mr Stone. I love the cadence to this. It's like trying out buzz phrases. "narrow republican group think" "avoidable catastrophe because the Bush....." "right wing ideological extremism" "enormous failure.....LaPage" "a host of far right social issues" "far right lemmings" "LePage......right wing extremists" Mayor LePage is asked a question, and he answers the question, without any political hyperbole. If you don't like it, don't vote for him. From what I have read from the record, he has created very compassionate programs for people to get out of the very cruel and binding system of handouts. And he lets them keep their dignity. Like most Mainers, I personally am going to give Ms Mitchel a very fair hearing, I don't view her as the evil architect of Augusta difficulties. Name calling, dastardly buzz phrases, really doesn't help your cause Mr. Tardif.

 's picture

"Maine does not need

"Maine does not need extremists."

The title should read, "Maine does not need any more extremists."

We have to many in Augusta now. Let us not put one of them in the governors seat. Vote for the working man. Vote for Paul LePage.

 's picture

Tardif sounds like a Far-Left Extremist

Mr. Tardif is entitled to maintain his Extreme Far-Left opinions, but it's good to know that most people realize what he's trying to do with these LTTEs. If you're not familiar with the reality of what Mr. LePage stands for, please take some time and visit his website at - especially the position statements and informational videos. If you get to know the "real" Paul LePage, you will see that he is exactly what Maine taxpayers need right now.
** LePage for Governor 2010 **

 's picture

South Portland Call Center

South Portland Call Center Closes Abruptly

Thank you Libby Mitchell. For more of the same, vote Democrat.

I wonder though, when everyone is unemployed, and there are no more businesses, where is the money going to come from?

 's picture

what an awful way to find out

what an awful way to find out you've lost your job. i heard that that sort of thing happens in china (the country), but i didn't think that being informed of a lay off by a note on the door was how we did it here. so sad.

 's picture

So Predictable...

is Mark. Same tired liberal talking points. Let's look at them.

1. The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is "Bush's fault." To a liberal, everything is "Bush's fault." Maybe Bush designed the drilling platform BP used? Maybe he was working on the rig when the methane bubbled up and ignited?

2. Paul LePage is focused on bringing Maine's runaway state government under control. In case Mark missed it, the Democrat majority in Augusta owes Maine's medical providers hundreds of millions of dollars. They have an unfunded liability to Maine's teachers, state employees, police and fire retirees of at least $6.5 BILLION in benefits owed. The Rainy Day Fund has been drained to empty. He has stated that social issues are not on his agenda.

The Democrat party loses badly when financial issues come up. They are trying to avoid talking about the sorry financial shape they have created (with Libby Mitchell at the forefront since 1974) and "Change The Subject" to "social issues." Not going to work this time, Mark.

3. Paul LePage an extremist? Hardly. Paul is on of 18 siblings. He worked hard to survive his childhood. He worked hard to get through high school and college. He has an MBA. He has had a very successful business career. He has helped Mardens grow from six to twelve stores. What does Mark see about Mardens that is "extreme?" He has been elected Mayor of Waterville three times. Are the majority of Waterville voters "extreme."

The real extreme is this race is the extreme leftist politics of Libby Mitchell. She never met a tax she didn't vote for. She just tried to foist 102 new taxes on Mainers and was rejected 2:1 at the ballot box.

The rules have changed, Mark. Maine voters are not as gullible as in the past. They have the Democrats figured out. Maine's Democrat Party of today isn't the party that Harry Truman and John Kennedy represented.

Look forward to your next attempt, Mark. We are not buying it anymore.

Paul LePage. Native son of Lewiston. Our next Governor!

 's picture

Is it that time again?

Here's Tardif's monthly spew of ad-hominem nonsense. [This comment has been edited by the administrator]

The Democrat (Isn't that clever?) party has been peddling the same message for 30+ years and they're terrified of what's coming in November. Republicans, and quite a few crossover Democrats and independents, nominated a conservative and all Tardif and other far lefties can splutter is: We don't like the message, so shoot the messenger!


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