A governor for the people

This is in response to the letter from Dick Brooks, printed June 16, in which he felt Republican candidate Paul LePage wasn't qualified to be governor.

Brooks doesn't like a smart and honest man for governor?

LePage would be a governor for all the people.

Fern St. Hilaire, Lewiston

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 's picture

paul lepage

I really think that the great unknown facing the Voters this fall is How large of margin does Paul lepage win by? Also what is so wrong with teaching Creationism? I thought this was America where we have a Choice. Where we have freedom of expression. Who really cares what the Dick brooks of the World think anyway.? I understand that Mr Brooks is a registered Meduim' that should say it all.

Finally Mainers have an French speaking Candidate for Governor. Make no mistake about it Paul lepage is the complete reverse of Mike Michaud. In fact it would be a great thing if Jason levesque could throw that Poser Michaud out of Office, He has more aptitude than Herr Michaud has ever had.

Now Tron would you please come up with something more original for a change. Have you ever met paul lepage? I would doubt it. I would urge Tron to attend the Fundraiser at Gippers and visit with the Honorable Stavros mendros?

So this is where we are Libby Mitchell is lining up the usual useless endorsements. Eliot Cutler is talking about Trade missions to China and Paul lepage is Talking Turkey. that is the loanguage that sensible mainers can understand. Unlike Les otten who foolishly thought the Election was about Jobs. No way El Lester. It's all about getting the Government out of our Tent. to much Nosing around..Also I will be at the Nateva show on saturday to see the Drive By truckers Join me.


The difference guys

is that when the Republicans blame everything on Obama and Clinton before him none of it was true. When we blame Bush we have the documentation to prove he was responsible. For example, MMS regulated no one because Bush didn't want them to. What's' the proof. One of Bush's first appointments was a Harvard Professor to head up OMB. The Professor ran a company that provided risk management i.e biased reports showing why it was always better to deregulate. First, thing he does is issue a order that any new regulations must be cost justified and retire two existing regulations. MMS stopped regulating and started taking bribes.

 's picture

ralphieiella, which party has

ralphieiella, which party has controlled Augusta for the last 35 years? Maine is almost rock bottom. Four more years of Democrat control, we will reach rock bottom.

 's picture

ajg1959, I fail to see where

ajg1959, I fail to see where I stated the LePage was the author of the comment. I just said that I like it, because it is so true.

By the way, how long have the Democrats controlled Maine. Is it 30, 35 years. Kind of hard to blame it on Bush. ;-)

LEPAGE fund raisor

Paul Lepage grauated in my class,k LHS, 1967, I'm proud of him and I will be there to shake his hand though, when I heard that he believed in creation ism vs evolution,thatis pretty scary; he must have learned that in parochial school!

 's picture

Please join us at Gippers in

Please join us at Gippers in Auburn for a fundraising event for Paul LePage from 5 to 7 PM on Thursday, July 1st.

http://asmainegoes.com/ is a great site for information and discussion.

I like one of LePages comments, He says there is too much month left at the end of the money.

How true it is.

 's picture

What my choices in

What my choices in November?
LePage: An honest man who worked his way to where he is today. A businessman, a successful one at that. Mayor of Waterville with a proven track record.

Libby Mitchell: A 70 year old attorney who has her fingerprints all over Maine's failures. Anti business, pro tax and spend.

Elliot Cutler: Does a lot of lawyering in China and DC. A country with a poor human rights record for exploiting people. Worked for Jimmy Carter. Enoughh said.

Shawn Moody" Well, Shawn is Shawn. He should stick to what he is good at. Fixing cars.

 's picture


Don't have anything to say? Say something stupid.

I withdrew my real name after some of the gentle, concerned folks on this forum started pestering me on the telephone. I couldn't care less who you are in real life. Your forum personality is pitiful enough.

RONALD RIML's picture

Excuses, excuses, excuses

You let someone 'harass' you?

I don't believe it. There is recourse for that - and you could have dealt with that.

Just another troll unwilling to take personal responsibility.

 's picture

I answered the phone - that's

I answered the phone - that's letting someone 'harass' me? Fortunately, the caller was just as stupid on the phone as he is here. I hung up, glanced at Caller ID, called back and said: Call me again, you schmuck, and I'll hand the matter to the cops. End of problem. That's when I yanked my real name. Who knows what you room-temperature-IQ jerks might try next - you are so easily amused. That's what I call taking personal responsibility - and I didn't even expect a government to do it for me.

RONALD RIML's picture

Frostie-Flakes -Always an excuse.....

Frostie-Flakes writes: " That's when I yanked my real name. Who knows what you room-temperature-IQ jerks might try next - you are so easily amused."

"Who knows, who knows, who knows....."

So you simply don't want to sign your name to the crap you imagine might happen.... Yet you compose it irregardless.

That's a plan for the ages!!!

 's picture


Frostie-Flakes? And you signed your name, online or off, to that. I'll have to lower by several degrees my estimate of your IQ. How does your real name, Ronnie, add even one ounce of legitimacy to the moronic drivel you post? It doesn't, no matter how fascinated you are with your own life and times. I admit I don't have a plan for the ages - you can't admit that you don't have a plan for the next 20 minutes - except to hope that a nurse shows up soon with your next dose and a change of Depends.

 's picture

Lil is fascinated by the word

Lil is fascinated by the word "teabagger". Tron is hung up on "bigot". Small minds, small vocabularies.

RONALD RIML's picture

And the folks in this 'Movement' wear......

Coffee pots on their hats???

C'mon, Lil and Tron have the decency to sign their work with their names, while you think who you are is none of our business...

- Same goes for your miniscule opinions there, Frostie Flakes......

 's picture


Griff Jenkins of Faux News used the term on the air a few years ago, and it stuck. Would you prefer teahadists?

 's picture


Governor OF all the people, governor FOR the teabaggers. Way too much nuttery.


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