Selectman charged with assaulting police officer

DENMARK — A selectman was arrested over the weekend after an altercation with a lieutenant with the Oxford County Sheriff's Office.

Kirk E. McDermith, 45, of Denmark was charged with assault on an officer Friday after throwing papers at Lt. Hart Daley, according to Chief Deputy Dane Tripp.

McDermith, on the other hand, contended he merely threw the papers on the ground.

Tripp said Daley went to McDermith's home with another officer to serve him with a protection from abuse order filed by his wife. Tripp said McDermith ripped up the order and threw it at Daley, hitting him in the chest. He said McDermith then started making threats against Daley and the other officer.

"He's had altercations with our officers before," Tripp said. "He doesn't have a good rapport with them."

McDermith tells it differently. He said he returned home Friday from work following a very heated court proceeding with his wife that morning. The couple are in the process of divorcing.

McDermith said the two officers came "flying up my driveway." He said they served him with the court papers, which he threw to the ground out of frustration, only to find himself in handcuffs shortly thereafter.

He also denied making any threats, and said that Daley kept telling the other officer to use his Taser on him.

"They came like I'm some kind of common criminal," McDermith said Monday night in a phone interview.

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I hold a bachelor's of science in criminal justice, master's in criminal scene investigation (CSI), several black belts in varying disciplines and am an expert marksman. I am certified in states with much higher standards than New England states. I must agree with DWilson that Maine law enforcement is grossly unqualified, untrained and undisciplined. I also strongly disagree with your assessment that Maine is a safe place. While in Maine, there are always two loaded firearms beside the bed alone. As law enforcement or former law enforcement all family members always exercise their right to carry. All are blackbelts and expert marksman. All plan to deal with whatever criminal or medical emergency may arise and then contact the keystone cops to pick up the trash or not make not of the event.

 's picture

serious business

paper cuts could get infected. i'm surprised the officers didn't respond in their usual manner when confronted with a deadly weapon like a court order. in most cases like this in maine, those doughty denizens of the law who have had countless hours of target practice with their weapons usually just go ahead and kill the guy.

 's picture

McDermith's wife was serving

McDermith's wife was serving him with a protection from abuse order. One doesn't get those orders from court unless there is substantial allegations. This man has a temper.

RONALD RIML's picture

DHWilson - No Graduate of "Hooked on Phonics"

And I see by your 11:36 reply that 'Reading Comprehension" is certainly not among the arrows in your quiver of skills.

My reference to "Contempt of Court" was clearly spelled out had the dummy performed that act before the issuing judge - and not the officers.

One author on the board refers to them as 'Cranks' here in Maine - we called them 'Screws' in Illinois.... Same genetic disposition, same lack of reading skills....

RONALD RIML's picture

Don't give up your day job, Tron.....

So a Policeman, as an 'Officer of the Court" - serves court papers on a citizen, who in turn then tears them up and throws them back at the Officer.

Now I'm not that familiar with Maine Law, having gone through my law enforcement career in Illinois - but.....

It would be an open and shut case of "Obstructing Police" - and I surely doubt he'd want to plead not guilty and go before the judge who had issued the original order.

Had the idiot tore the papers up in court and threw them back at the issuing Judge - you can bet he'd be cooling his heels for a good long time on a 'Contmept of Court' citation.

Tron - Don't be an idiot.


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