Man charged in Amity murders

Police arrested a man in Dover, N.H., Friday afternoon and charged him with the stabbing deaths of a boy, his father and another man last week in Amity, Maine.

Thayne Ormsby, 20, of Orient, Maine, was arrested after detectives tracked him to Dover and questioned him about the attacks on Jesse Ryan, 10, of Lewiston, Jesse's father, Jeffrey Ryan, 55, and Jason DeHahn, 30, both of Amity.

Investigators said Ormsby admitted to the killings.

According to a police affidavit, 10-year-old Jesse Ryan was stabbed to death after the men were already dead.

Police have been interviewing potential witnesses and collecting evidence since June 23 when the three bodies were discovered in Jeffrey Ryan's home at 163 U.S. Route 1.

By Friday night, Ormsby remained jailed in Dover on three counts of murder. Police did not say whether other arrests were anticipated.

“This is just turning into a bigger mess,” said Jamie Merrill, mother of the slain 10-year-old.

A detective called her on Friday and told her that a man had been arrested in the slaying of her son and ex-husband. Merrill had thought she would recognize the name of the suspect once it was given to her.

“I’ve never heard of that guy,” she said of Ormsby.

Ormsby lived in Orient, a town just south of Amity. According to a police affidavit, detectives linked him to the crime scene through DNA and fingerprint evidence recovered from Budweiser bottles and cigarette butts.

A possible motive emerged, police said, as Detective Dale Keegan was interviewing Ormsby at the police station in Dover.

“Thus far,” the affidavit states, “Thayne told Det. Keegan that he killed Jeffrey Ryan in the wood shed at the Jeff Ryan residence because Jeff Ryan is a drug dealer.”

Police said there was also evidence, including eye-witness accounts, that it was Ormsby who stole Jeffrey Ryan’s pickup truck after the killings and later set fire to it in a field in the town of Weston.

Investigators say Ormsby had been staying with Joy and Robert Strout in Orient around the time of the killing. According to the affidavit, Robert Strout told police that on the morning of the slayings, Ormsby had come back to the home with his pants, shirt and shoes covered in blood.

Police who interviewed Strout said Ormsby told his friend details about the killings.

“Thayne gave Robert further details about the incident, saying he ‘knifed Jeff in the wood shed,’” according to the affidavit. “Thayne told Robert he went back into the residence and Jason and Jesse were sitting on the couch. Thayne told Robert that Jason ran outside and Thayne chased after him and ‘knifed him.’ Thayne told Robert he punched Jason and ‘knifed him again then drug his body to the brook.’ Thayne told Robert that he went back inside and Jesse was running around. Thayne told Robert that he ‘knifed Jesse in the back bedroom.’”

In the court affidavit, police said Strout indicated he did not turn Ormsby in — and in fact, helped him — because he was afraid of the suspected killer.

“Thayne told Robert (Strout) that if Robert did not help him, he would kill Robert’s family,” according to the affidavit.

Police said Strout told them he helped Ormsby get Jeffrey Ryan’s truck to the field in Weston and that the pair later returned there to set the vehicle on fire.

“Robert said Thayne ran back into where Jeffrey’s truck had been concealed and moments later, Robert heard a ‘whoosh,’” the affidavit states. “Robert said Thayne came running back and told Robert, ‘It’s done.'”

According to the affidavit, Thayne told police he burned his bloody clothes in a furnace at the home of Tamara Strout, a friend who lives in Weston.

In the court affidavit, investigators said they had learned that Ormsby kept a Facebook page and that he last used it on June 21, around the time he was staying with the Strout family. Police did not say whether they had searched the computer for evidence.

On his Facebook page, Ormsby describes himself as single, a Republican and Christian Protestant. His personal message on the page states: “I have two passions, love & war.”

When Ormsby was found in Dover, police said, investigators conducted two warrant searches there. More searches are planned in Amity and the surrounding area, according to Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland.

In Lewiston on Friday night, Merrill said her son had been staying with her at their Lewiston home until last week. She let the boy stay with his father so they could celebrate Father’s Day with some fishing.

Merrill, who is pregnant, said she last heard from her son Tuesday night over the phone and they exchanged text messages.

Knowing that someone had been arrested did little to mitigate the death of her son, she said. There were still too many unanswered questions.

“I just feel like crawling into a corner,” she said. “My son was my world. This does not bring him back.”

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RONALD RIML's picture

So Sandra's a 'Voyeur'

And 'She Thinks' THEY need to explain why they were so cozy with this guy after he killed their family and that poor little boy....

There are professionals who do this sort of thing - and, Sandra, you're not one of them.

Wanna leave condolences? That's what Funeral Homes have websites for. I find it so interesting that a number of people become instant experts on this case, and have such a fascination for all involved. That's the voyeurism I'm witnessing here, and I can mock you for it all I want.

BTDT with Homicide Scenes, and also with you Drama Queens. Get over yourselves - nobody's getting out of here alive, and without stinking up the place.

 's picture


Exactly, Denisa. Prayers for the survivors.

 's picture


As I started reading some of these posts, I was absolutely blown away by the ignorance and lack of empathy for the family of the victims. Is there ever a time when people can show their compassion without argueing??????? I cant believe that the death of 3 people has caused political arguements....this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

To the families of the victims, so sorry for your loss and sorry for the pathetic losers who post ignorant crap on these articles and dont take your grief into consideration while posting their garbage.

 's picture

Onc eagain being an incomplete idiot

tron you truly are an incomplete idiot (there is nothing in your life that qualifies as complete other than misery)..did Ted kennedy KIll mary JO because he was a democrat or because he was a drunk? Did Ayers and some of the bombers and terroristswho are now on the best friends list of President Obummer do it because liberals told them to? This man killed for reasons OTHER than because he supported conservative people in society. If you paid attention to the entire story and knew the details you'd understand that but instead you choose to act like a baffoon just because you wanted people to post against you - its like a spoiled child who would rather be praised than punished, but would rather be punished than are that little child afriad of not being in the limelight...Congratulations you've succeeded in getting attention for one more pathetic day...

RONALD RIML's picture

Drama-Queen? - Or King???

Madeleine writes: "I am not overly dramatic"

- And you write that you just changed your sex and your name last week because???

1. All the other kids on the block do it.
2. I'm talking to a Dog - they don't care which organs they lick.
3. It was a dark and stormy night.
4. Have you no respect for the Dead!!!

 's picture

On the attack? Madeleine?

You are so eat up with yourself. I didnt "attack" you, I merely pointed out that you were not qualified to solve murders from the information in a newspaper. You are still acting like Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote and still speculating about an investigation you know nothing about.

You are still bringing up the truck and want to investigate who sold it to Ryan. Are you a psychic? You may ne incriminating someone on this very public forum that had absolutely nothing to do this.

You have absolutely nothing to fear from me, that is just more of your paranoia.

You are just silly and overdramatic

 's picture

conserva mom has nothing to do with this violence

What a horrible, inappropriate thing to say to someone else! If you want to point fingers, why don't you consider visiting an abortion clinic (which is protected by the majority of political left) and see how they destroy little babies (as well as the lives of those women who are often pressured or forced into abortion). Statistically, women often turn to abortion because the boyfriend or parents (of a teen) are not supportive.
I don't know conserva-mom but seeing your comments is disgusting. Conservative title can mean different things. It can mean MORALLY conservative or fiscally conservative. YOU are the one that needs to accept responsibility and stop being mean to strangers.

 's picture


The truth will come out, one way or another...sooner or later it always does. If one guy told me he would kill me and my family if we went to the police, I'd either knock him out or detain him with a gun while I called the police. You don't threaten a family of that size and get away with it. There's no way they were afraid of a "threat." My opinion is it was this 20yr old kid, his friend (the daughter) and the ex (mom of their daughter). This smells of Pamela Smart.

RONALD RIML's picture

Then don't engage.....

And from your profile - you're non-existant.

RONALD RIML's picture

This is a Forum - Not the Prayer Group

If you can't suffer the slings and arrows - Join the 'Care Bears' there, Seth....

 's picture


picking a name like veritas is in fact the foolish name game you accuse me. So let me know when you graduate. So, I didn't realize I could click on your handle for info, Why? because I am not a professional pathetic wannabe blogger like you.

And if you bothered to read you would see I am a Democrat so obviously I am not a fan of Hannity. But you again prove you apthetic hypocrisy. You cry when they blame Democrats but you jump on the same band wagon.

Pathetic wannabe just like tron, exploiting this tragedy to promote your agenda. Your buffoonery makes me embarrassed to be a Democrat.

RONALD RIML's picture

So you wanna play with the Big Kids

but continually use childish excuses.......

You're a Republican in Drag, Sandra.

RONALD RIML's picture

Show some respect for the Truth 'Mad" e-line -Whoever...

Wow.. Your profile says "Grandma" - and "Gender" - Male, and registered name: "C. D."

Little confused, are we?? And you're getting into my s**t? Give us a break! You can't even sign your name, and your lecturing us - we know what your word is worth - absolutely nothing....

I've had to go pick up the pieces at enough homicides, with victims occasionally much younger that Jesse, that I doubt you are in any position to lecture me concerning protocol, procedure, nor respect in the reality of such situations.

This is a forum - it's not real - and to you it's such a fantasy-land that you're not even willing to sign your name to what you write. So in that perspective - shove off till you get serious, then I'll discuss it with you.

 's picture

The only thing real about you

The only thing real about you is probably the time you spent in a mental institution Veritas, get back on the thorazine meds and you may feel better and less delusional..

RONALD RIML's picture

So youre' another 'Hidden' quantity...

Afraid to appear in the light of the day.


RONALD RIML's picture

Madeleine says: "Just changed my name and gender last week"

I'll try to feel your pain for you, who/what-ever you are, but you really need to own your issues before you start taking inventory of others... Especially with such a recent sexual reassignment procedure.

I won't EVEN ask about the brain implant.

RONALD RIML's picture

Funny thing, they said the same about Charlie Whitman!

Funny thing, they said the same about Charlie Whitman

Kinky Friedman - "The Ballad Of Charles Whitman"

He was sitting up there for more than an hour,
Way up there on the Texas Tower
Shooting from the twenty-seventh floor. Yahoo!

He didn't choke or slash or slit them,
Not our Charles Joseph Whitman,
He won't be an architect no more.
Got up that morning calm and cool,
He picked up his guns and walked to school.
All the while he smiled so sweetly
And it blew their minds completely,
They'd never seen an Eagle Scout so cruel.
Now won't you think for the shame and degradation
For the school's administration
He put on such a bold and brassy show.
The Chancellor cried, It's adolescent
And of course it's most unpleasant
But I got to admit it was a lovely way to go.

There was a rumor about a tumor
Nestled at the base of his brain.
He was sitting up there with his .36 Magnum
Laughing wildly as he bagged 'em.
Who are we to say the boy's insane ?

Now Charlie was awful disappointed
Else he thought he was annointed
To do a deed so lowdown and so mean.
The students looked up from their classes
Had to stop and rub their glasses,
Who'd believe he'd once been a Marine.

Now Charlie made the honor roll with ease,
Most all of his grades was A's and B's.
A real rip snorting trigger squeezer
Charlie proved a big crowd pleaser
Though he had been known to make a couple C's.

Some were dying, some were weeping,
Some were studying, some were sleeping,
Some were shouting "Texas # 1!"
Some were running, some were falling,
Some were screaming, some were bawling,
Some thought the revolution had begun.

The doctors tore his poor brain down,
But not a snitch of illness could be found.
Most folks couldn't figure just-a why he did it
And them that could would not admit it,
There's still a lot of Eagle Scouts around.

There was a rumor about a tumor
Nestled at the base of his brain.
He was sitting up there with his .36 Magnum
Laughing wildly as he bagged 'em.
Who are we to say the boy's in
Who are we to say the boy's in
Who are we to say the boy's insane ?

 's picture

Tron, blah blah blah blah,

Tron, blah blah blah blah, blah, blah. Same old crap from you, just a different day.

RONALD RIML's picture

Sandra - you're the "Buffoon" who called me that...

For not posting my name here after I called you out for the same...

When all you had to do was click 'veritas' for my profile, and discover that I had actually registered under my real name, instead of the cowardly manner in which you did.

For someone so intellectually incurious, (and to also assume only 'one experience') you're obviously neither a good poster child for Hannity, Conservatism, ad Nauseum as suspect Ormsby is.

And when you get out of third grade you might quit playing "Name Games"

RONALD RIML's picture

Try the shoe on the other foot...

Thayne Ormsby's Facebook page states our lovely little triple homicide suspect likes the following:

• Sean Hannity
• Being Conservative
• Jason Levesque (GOP 2nd District Congessional Candidate)

Now just imagine..... Had his page said he liked Keith Obermann, being Liberal, and supporting Democrat Represetative Mike Michaud....

Oh, the Thundering Herd and "sandra2" (not smart enought to find profiles as she hurls insults such as 'buffoon') would be singing a different tune about using this murder for political purposes.....

We know your playbook well..... Who you think taught us

RONALD RIML's picture

Try the shoe on the other foot...

Thayne Ormsby's Facebook page states our lovely little triple homicide suspect likes the following:

• Sean Hannity
• Being Conservative
• Jason Levesque (GOP 2nd District Congessional Candidate)

Now just imagine..... Had his page said he liked Keith Obermann, being Liberal, and supporting Democrat Represetative Mike Michaud....

Oh, the Thundering Herd and "sandra2" (not smart enought to find profiles as she hurls insults such as 'buffoon') would be singing a different tune about using this murder for political purposes.....

We know your playbook well..... Who you think taught us

 's picture

I agree

I agree with you Tron and when pointed out the little Conservatives become rats from a Westlake novel who dislike the hard facts that they inspired this all along. With all of their talk that is all it just is generally they want someone to suffer all along the way without really facing the blame of it. Sad as this is a child was killed, a man was killed, and an unarmed drug dealer was killed note Thayne did not say he was in danger or that Jeff had a belly pistol or anything like that or a Raptor truck music magnum just that Thayne thought he was a drug dealer who deserved to die. In those respects Thayne should be hung in public.

 's picture

tron you pathetic imbecile!

Boycott tron! Even voisine can't stick up for this garbage.


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