Fans, neighbors laud Nateva

OXFORD — From the fans to the police to the neighbors, the inaugural Nateva Festival closed Sunday with widespread approval.

M. Dirk Langeveld/Sun Journal

Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips, uses a pair of giant prop hands to project laser beams into overhead mirror balls at the Nateva Festival on Saturday evening.

Brandt Passalacqua and Anna Neiman, of Northampton, Mass., said they heard about the festival from a friend and The Flaming Lips were one of the groups they were looking forward to.

“I had no idea what they would be like,” said Passalacqua. “They blew me away.”

“I loved it,” said Neiman. “I was happy when it began and I was happy when it ended.”

People owning property adjacent to the Fairgrounds said they were pleased with the way the concert was being run. Robin Millett and her son, Shawn Knowlan, sold food outside Millett's house on Pottle Road directly across from the main stage.

“They have been an exceedingly well-behaved, polite, courteous group of kids,” she said.

Knowlan said the noise from the performances was not loud enough to disturb the neighborhood, and that there were only minor disturbances quickly quelled by security personnel. He said expected traffic jams never materialized, likely due to a reluctance of area residents to travel during the festival.

“I think a lot of people got spooked,” he said.

The fans weren't spooked, however.

Local and national bands began performing on Thursday night for early arrivals, and the main stage located outdoors at the Oxford Fairgrounds opened on Friday. Sunday's acts included Zappa Plays Zappa, featuring Frank Zappa's son Dweezil Zappa; funk legends George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic; and the rock and blues group The Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band. Closing out the festival was Furthur, which includes former Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Bob Weir.

In recent days, the main stage shows have attracted increasing numbers of the thousands of concert-goers from the satellite campgrounds. The Flaming Lips packed the stage area on Saturday night with a unique rock and roll sound and entertaining stage performance. Among other oddities, lead singer Wayne Coyne made his entrance in something akin to a hamster ball and went crowd surfing in it.

The crowd didn't phase Wayne and Jane Lewis, Pottle Road residents who live opposite the main entry gate and shuttle drop-off point. They were wary of the festival at first but glad that no major issues arose. Jane said that there were some difficulties due to Pottle Road being closed, but that she wouldn't mind if the festival returned next year.

“For us older people, it really hasn't been bad music,” Wayne said.

Scott Hamilton, who lives on the opposite end of the fairgrounds, offered T-shirts, ice, parking and free cooling hose sprays to concert passersby. Hamilton felt the festival did not prove to be a substantial boon to area businesses, since most attendees stayed in the area of the fairgrounds. However, he felt the event could increase awareness of the Oxford Hills area.

“It's kind of nice to have these many neighbors move in for the weekend,” he said.

Several American flags popped up at campsites and on music lovers themselves in recognition of the Independence Day holiday. The large wooden “Nateva” sign on the hill overlooking the fairgrounds was transformed overnight to give it a stars and stripes makeover.

Mark Lacoursiere, of Edmonton, Canada, was attracted to the festival by the wide range of music. A teacher on summer break, he said the environment proved to be a friendly one among both concert-goers and workers.

“I'm very particular about organization, and they were very well-organized,” he said.

Chief Robert Federico of the Norway Police Department worked at the festival from its start on Thursday. He believed there were 21 arrests, mostly drug-related, by Sunday afternoon. From his station near a checkpoint leading into the campgrounds, however, he had heard no complaints.

“It seems to be a very cooperative bunch,” he said. “Quite a few people came over and thanked us for what we've been doing.”

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 's picture

Barker, you are a liar

and an idiot

 's picture

Barker, you are a liar

and an idiot

 's picture

Millet Family says your welcome

The Millett Family is more then happy to say your welcome and that we had a great weekend. It was so nice to sit outside all weekend and meet so many people that if it wasn't for Nateva I would have never taken the time to say hi to or meet....We are all looking forward to having Nateva come back next July, and we'll be sitting in the front yard with open arms saying hi as everyone walks by and selling so great food at resonable prices....
we also want to thank everyone that attended Nateva for being so great and respectful to everyone that live on Pottel Rd and thaks to all that stopped by and visited us......

Your Welcome/Thank You
The Millet Family

 's picture

Hope they do it again

I avoided the area like it had the plague this weekend, but that is just me. I hate crowds and probably don't care for the music. But the area got a boost in the economy and that we should be grateful for.

Thank you to all those that helped keep things under controll. Police, Fire, Rescue, and the Fire Police.

 's picture

afraid to have a good time

are u kidding me some people are so closed minded wouldnt know a good time if it hit u in the face. this was the best time i ever had people where so happy and friendly.i hope we have it next year and many more years to come.the music was great people dancing having a great time.LOVE IT.

 's picture

Not smoking a joint

The syndicates now ally themselves to arms dealers whether through legitimate gains or through illegitimate remember the Iran-Contra affairs and how quickly those were pushed forward. If you have no idea what a criminal syndicate is despite living all over the world? Are you trying to say that the Chinese triads, who legally supplied AK-47's, and other arms to the Taliban are not at fault because of their situation even though it kills US service members and that opposed to smoking pot that is better? Criminal syndicates do not have to sell drugs it can be any community within terrorism or domestic causes such as the Neo-Nazi movement which all purchases and sells guns illegally for that intent within their own memberships. What you say is that in respecting you; you have no idea about how dangerous say a Snake Head is compared to the pot "crisis" in you're own mind? Deaf, dumb, and blind this is useless trying to talk to you; duck and dodge when you're smarter then that and know it but still play stupid to be a perfect little conservative. Which means that, purposefully you play ignorant so as not to appear in full understanding of the contextual arguments. Just to satisfy yourself considering I am not smoking a joint the ignorance you play up is astounding considering the Snake Heads and others are discussed in great detail in several printed articles among others. Including the whore house which they ran in Lisbon as a massage parlor for a number of years which greatly increased the human trafficking and sex slave operations in that portion of Maine. I am saying the law does not catch up because the largest syndicates deal in arms and other means and use the streets as reinforcements in trade. Come on play stupid with me again go ahead post all you want of criticizing people you're own thin ice considering how stupid you play it. Or, you could have just ignored it because ignorance is far better then admitting the truth. You know my Uncle Patrick taught me something if you want respect do not be ignorant or arrogant with the other side and be willing to listen. To be ignorant of facts is a specialty reserved for those whose ignorance matches their isolationist tones in reality.

 's picture


I'm written off as completely nuts for the factors that this is general public knowledge. I researched this through various materials over the years and in news reports. Are you generally this blind so that you're children do not see the glimpses of the outside world?

 's picture

Law Abiding

I'm not calling you name just making sure that we both play on equal footing and enjoying the reactions out of you that you get from others. Keep playing the game, keep posting on here how dangerous pot is, and duck how dangerous the syndicates are that operate. The more you want to correct me and have an apprehension between right and wrong the more you turn right against me totally just for fun and to show the kids you have what a big man you are. This is deaf, dumb, and blind; letting the outfits and syndicates operate and pinching out the lower ranks who get caught. You really are that stupid and you wanted to play hard ball like you had a feeling for it. Keep telling yourself that the law is on you're side... I mean ownership over you because of the ideals which you populate and cannot back up make you a target for you're own self directed hatred of others. People go to jail all the time over drunk driving and you said know one went to jail over it care to stipulate? Have you ever backed the outfit or the operations it holds here in Maine? Are you going to duck this or try to laugh it off either way it shows just how small town and out of touch you are with the outside world friend.

 's picture


"You're" is not spelled "your". If you call someone an idiot, you might want to use the correct spelling.

You're in the the way you used it means "you are", "Your" means you own something

I just wanted to help you out here with your spelling while you call me an idiot.

 's picture

What are you?

What are you to us anyway except who takes a dodge when it comes to being asked about the legitimate arms of crime and targeting their lower soldiers and foot patrols rather then targeting the main sources? You say give the dealers death and duck on targeting the higher ups who may run legitimate businesses but still dabble in drugs. What is the excuse for saying that you are a coward, who hides behind their own vague stipulations, and dodges it because criminal enterprise is consumerism, which creates an illegal free market? You call everyone except for yourself a dope head, and when I asked you on it you pulled back and criticized everyone else; except for me that is. I enjoyed hitting a nerve let me hit another one just to shut you up and have intelligent conversation in here, savvy?

 's picture

Keep dodging

Keep dodging it and playing the morally righteous card I do not drink or smoke care for going on another round to play that card of yours. You got arrogant called it dumb and ducked it simply because you had no real reasons for that. What about the drunk drivers they go to jail right, even though they had all they could of it, and that means it negates your posting as to justifications of not going to prison. I think we should legalize it then again what line of work are you in? Seem a little bit careless with regarding others right? Generally something that you make a professional aptitude to do right?

 's picture


Your very weak and you spark hatred and make the Thayne case like human because of who you are and what justifications you carry as a Conservative. I must say Stalin would love your approach and purging that could be an automatic ticket for you in the USSR to enjoy yourself and take out every drug dealer and put them into forced labor camps. Nixon wanted a change in drug policy that aimed at reform and rehabilitation and then to turn around and have a Communist advocate of Conservatism is a joke... how you go on here in and of itself is a joke and a mockery. What next would you line up Jews, Christians, and Muslims for not identifying with your Christianity or your tenants? Keep ridiculing others and bashing as much as you want the truth is in communist China for all of the considerations you pay others they would welcome you with open arms. Take your children too and brainwash them into servitude always has to be a moronic failure of a human being who can never ever expand their minds to the true dangers. We have worse drugs then pot to worry about and worse gangs but you are so full of it that you deafen your ears because your ass has run out of room for crap.

 's picture

I Got Stoned and I missed it Dr Hook & The Medicine Show

Who really cares about the Pot issue anyway? Like it really does not matter. I would much rather be around a weed smoker than a drunk any time.yes there are Drugs at Festivalls and so what It is a personel choice. The argument that marijuna is a gateway drug is nothing more than a hoax created by the old school law enforcement wing.Now considering that is the Number One cash crop in california and other states should say something.

yes it is a Shame that our Society revolves around Substance Abuse. But How often do you see someone driving down the road with a Pipe of Joint in their hands. However think about all the Dunks who drive with a beer. I think that those who smoke do so because they like it and how it makes them feel. I know first hand that when going through treatment for cancer one gets to the Point where it is impossible to eat with Comfort. I would never ever try to tell a person suffering that they cannot use something to ease their Pain.

 's picture

Excuse me?

I have been to many rock festivals in my younger years......we had some truely good festivals in the 70's and early 80's.

It is because of my experience that I know for a fact that there are alot of drugs.

I graduated in 1978, and I cant tell you how many of my friends and classmates have died from drugs.

You say I have no right to judge? I have every right to decide what to expose my family to. And if a venue is a magnet for drugs, then we are not going there.

As far as the comparison to Fenway Park? If I do take him there he will be much older.

Its a shame that our society revolves around substance abuse..

And its even sadder that so many posters on this forum support it.

 's picture

Great Concert, Friendly well behavedm attendees.

I went to Nateva and i had a really fun time. The bands were very entertaining. I espicially liked the Drive By truckers, Ghostland Observatory,the flaming Lips, also Derek Trucks was as you could imagine. Now I am sixty one and I have been to more shows than most and i found this Event to be well organised and did not see anyone misbehaving. If anything I saw young folks acting respectful and sincerely delighted that they had such a Wonderful location to enjoy themselves.

I can really see why a Casino would work in Oxford. it is simple. You have Friendly Kind residents a nice area with comfortable settings and clean air.

When considering going to events like Nateva you have to like the Bands and the people who will attend. Life comes in many shapes there is really Room for all of us. Now to the poster Ralphesmella. Your remarks demonstrate that you have never been able to crawl out of the Hole that you are forever doomed to inhabit.

 's picture

sorry but,

I think Mr. Knowlan must have either been in a coma, is deaf or had some amazing ear plugs if he thinks the "noise from the performances was not loud enough to disturb the neighborhood"!!! Saturday nights performance was enough to wake the dead. And that was a mile away!!!
While I will admit that the weekend wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated, I'm not in any hurry to welcome them back for three days! I'm sure they will be back since the owners of the fairgrounds only seem to care about the almighty dollar. But, when that happens, I'll be headed someplace where I can listen to music when and IF I choose to and at a volume that's not ear splitting!
I, for one, am GLAD it's over!

 's picture

Arrogant much?

Are you arrogant enough to condemn everyone who goes simply because of a few who may use it in privacy. The privacy is the larger thing you want to condemn them enough so that everything is taken from them. What about the syndicate who pushes out drugs off of the legitimate businesses that it runs? You keep on getting scared when that comes up AJ and duck on everything this seems like there were a great many who had fun at the festival this year. Now, if you call it a comic book material what I've come up with then bare in mind some of the information gathered is through professional and historical information which is general public knowledge.

 's picture

Pretty Brutal

I used to be as brutal as you were until I realized that dealers and users can reform and that they can change their lives through various methods and through various programs. What you are saying is declare that know one save for yourself is above the law, have you ever smoked a cigar, have you ever had a shot of whiskey, and have you ever had a beer? It takes a pretty mentally weak person to duck the syndicate and outfit and sting it personally to low level thugs and force them to pray the price. Looks like what you have been doing is trying to forget the programs, duck on the lower levels, and let those who established the businesses go despite being the logistical arms and strategy for those purposes. If you keep ducking and playing the brutal little taskmaster then it looks like we have a reasoning and understanding that you would even duck in the face of a bribe if it came down to it.

 's picture

It would be nice to see

It would be nice to see something like this take place at Black Mountain in Rumford. Rumford could use the business and Black Mountain could stop asking taxpayers for handouts of course they would have to charge and not make this another one of their free private parties. that they also ask taxpayers to pick up the tab for.


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