Triple slaying suspect said he's 'vicious' when drinking

DOVER, N.H. (AP) — A man facing three murder charges in late June's knife slayings in northern Maine says he's "vicious" when he's drinking.

The New Hampshire Union Leader says Donald Hiltz ran into the suspect, 20-year-old Thayne Ormsby, while Ormsby was staying with a friend at an apartment in Dover after the killings in Amity, Maine.

Hiltz, who lives in the Dover apartment complex, says he struck up a conversation with Ormsby in the parking lot. During the conversation, Hiltz said Ormsby started "talking about how he was an alcoholic and he gets very vicious when he drinks."

Ormsby was arrested Friday at the Dover police station and is to be arraigned Tuesday in Dover District Court. He's charged in the deaths of 55-year-old Jeffrey Ryan, Ryan's 10-year-old son Jesse, and 30-year-old Jason Dehahn.

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 's picture

This is BS

Oh a Tron everyoneelse is to blame for this animal actions but him right cause noone is responible for what they do anymore just blame the world. and whos to blame for your actions society or maybe your moyher boo hoo

 's picture

Well let us see how well Mr.

Well let us see how well Mr. Vicious does when he is behind bars with the big boys. Once they find out he murdered a little boy....his days will be numbered. And one is responsible for this guys actions but himself!!! You can blame his behavior on the TV shows he watches, the books he reads, the games he plays, the people he hangs with....but it all boils down to what HE chooses to do. Ormsby is nothing but a coward and a loser. No one that can kill an 11 yr old boy can even be classified as a human being.


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