Thief steals clothing from Santa's Helpers

MEXICO — Police are looking for one or more people who broke into the Free Store sometime between Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning and stole more than $500 in new clothing meant for the annual Santa's Helpers project.
Mexico police Sgt. Roy Hodsdon said the Free Store's manager, Margaret McNeil, reported at 8 a.m. that someone had forced open the door to the basement by breaking the lock, then broke the lock to an upstairs door where new clothing for infants through adults is gathered and stored until the annual Christmas event.
A volunteer made the discovery then reported the theft to McNeil.
Santa's Helpers, originally begun by Dot Sanchas many years ago, gathers funding for new item purchases, and toys for families in the Rumford area who are in need. Dozens of families in the area benefit from the annual event and many organizations and individuals donate items. Santa's Helpers is run by volunteers.
The Free Store also provides used clothing, household and other items at no cost to anyone who wants to take advantage of the service.
Anyone who may have seen any unusual activity around the Roxbury Road Free Store on Tuesday night is asked to contact the Police Department at 364-5686.
Hodsdon said he has leads in the case.


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 's picture

How horrible that anyone can

How horrible that anyone can steal from a place that offers charitable help to those in need! They stole from needy families..what a horrible, cruel thing to do!

Marjorie Grover's picture

I am appalled to think

I am appalled to think someone would do this to the free store. For many years our loving Dot Sanchas has provided alot of help to people with this store and santa helpers. Now her daughter Margaret McNeil has followed in her moms footsteps to continue this program which is what Dot wanted. Dot was like Mother Theresa and so is Margaret. This should never have happened and I hope they find the culprit and all the stuff the took. They need to be punished for what they did and the judge should not give them a slap on the wrist because if they needed help all they had to do was asked and Margaret would have helped them just as her Mom used to do. God Bless and hope this is solved soon.


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