It won't be the same

Tourism is the biggest economic engine in the state of Maine. Thus far we've seen no energy data whatsoever from Stetson or Mars Hill. I understand the companies classify this as "proprietary information." However, if we, the taxpayers, are funding a large portion of these projects and compromising our cherished quality of life as well, then essentially we are stakeholders and deserve to see what these "farms" are actually producing. Show us the energy!

The University of Maine at Presque Isle is making its wind energy data public.

After one full year it is operating at 11 percent efficiency, far below expectations. In 20 years it won't even have paid for its installation and upkeep. If this is the case, why are we even discussing industrial wind power in Maine?

Hydro-Quebec is eager to sell us cheap, renewable hydro power. Maine doesn't need it. We already export 40 percent of what we generate, but if Harvard and the cities on the eastern seaboard want to brag about using green power, let them use hydro.

We are the stewards of one of the most beautiful states in the nation, and preserving her beauty is of paramount importance. A moratorium on all mountain and ridgeline wind farms should be imposed until our Legislature can prove to us that this is truly the path we should be traveling down. This is just common sense.

Once our mountains have been dynamited by Maine Drilling & Blasting, they will never be the same.

Penny Gray, Carthage

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Candiceanne is at it again. "Boarded up condemd building after builing, houses falling down around the occupants, about the highest unemployment in the country." Where did you get this doom and gloom stuff. I know your a Maine-hater, but gees you could at least try to make your arguments somewhat plausible. Maine's unemployment rate is 8.4% well below the national average of 9.4%. I've seen a lot worse communities in Philadelphia where some districts do have building after building condemed and falling apart.


Right on

Best letter on this subject so far. Why are we making a few promoters rich while destroying our "brand" in a orgy of development?

 's picture

Great letter

Yes, let's see the data rather than blindly accepting the bogus, unverifiable claims of subsidy sucking wind developers.

 's picture

Our money, their ideas

When will our legislators come forth, face to face, to the public and explain their reasons for embracing industrial wind in Maine ? There has hardly been a word from any of them, yet they all voted for the expedited wind law of 2008. Is there any public servant who would put together a town hall meeting and enlightened us on why they so love these wind projects ? Wind developments are tearing apart town after town.
If our elected, esteemed officials truly want respect from the people they represent, they must step up , arrange a meeting with the public, and discuss this issue.
As Penny says, it's our money, our quality of life and our future at stake. Show us you care enough to talk to us.


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