Prosecute violators

It is time for local law enforcement officials to revisit the enforcement of handicapped parking regulations. It is very difficult for anyone to believe that handicapped permit placards are being used only by the registered owners of the vehicles that park in the handicap-designated spaces.

Those designated parking spaces are also being violated by people who leave shopping carts in the provided areas, blocking access for those who are severely handicapped, for which the Americans with Disabilities Act was originally enacted.

Is it reasonable to ascertain that Maine residents who have handicapped placards are just not concerned enough about other handicapped persons to leave shopping carts in the handicapped parking zones, or are they just too lazy to place them in the cart areas where they belong?

Law enforcement officials need to strictly enforce the ADA handicapped parking regulations in Lewiston-Auburn to ensure that the severely handicapped are able to access the designated handicapped parking zones, and violators are prosecuted accordingly.

Ron Bourque, Lewiston

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this letter is just

this letter is just ridiculous! i can't believe sj even posted it.

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people leave shopping carts anywhere and everywhere. it's not an attempt to stop handicapped people from parking. it's just that some people won't bring the carts to the drop off and just leave them or push them wherever. don't take it personally. it happens to us all.

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Something to consider...

An example: There are two parking places, one handicapped and the other non-handicapped. A person with a handicap placard takes the non-handicapped parking space because a spouse is going to run in for a quart of milk. Then you, without a handicap placard, come along. There's only one parking place left, but it's for the handicapped.


Some of the biggest violators

Some of the biggest violators of handicapped parking regulations are those that have been issued the placards or plates. How many times have we seen the handicapped driver pull into a space and sit in the car when their perfectly capable spouse, friend, child runs into the store for their business. Handicapped parking is a blessing for those who need it and follow the rules, but the abuse of the priviledge is rampant.

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Saw a woman at Hannaford in

Saw a woman at Hannaford in Auburn yesterday. Not only was she in a handicap space (for being obese I assume), but she had the energy to ram the cart up onto the median rather than use half the effort to push it back where it belongs. Is it possible that we're awarding mentally handicapped plates that look the same as legit?

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appearances can be

appearances can be deceiving... we should not ever judge a book by its cover.


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