Government at a glance: Turner

Board: Turner Selectmen

Met: Tuesday night

Butts out

Issue: The town has gotten complaints in the past about smokers at the beach at Bear Pond leaving their litter behind.

The scoop: Third-grader Meagan Perkins wrote a letter to Town Manager Eva Leavitt asking to make the beach smoke-free. Leavitt read the letter to selectmen. They voted to create a Tobacco Free Zone in the fenced-off area of the beach.

Up next: Leavitt said as soon as she gets the signs, they’ll be put up.

Year-end report

Issue: Leavitt said the town will close out the fiscal year with roughly $220,000 unspent from departmental budgets. (The figure had been higher, but selectmen voted Tuesday to allocate $126,868 to this year’s paving and construction budget.)

The scoop: “We’re very pleased with that,” Leavitt said. “We made every effort to cut corners and shop around for this and that.” After concern that revenue might be down for the year, it was up just over $12,800, she said, largely due to unexpected FEMA funds.

Up next: The annual audit begins July 12.

Staff writer Kathryn Skelton can be reached at 689-2844 or

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 's picture

Most Smokers DO Litter...

Sorry Hasngel, I have to disagree with you about smokers being compliant when just simply asked to not litter. PLEASE. Smokers put their used butts EVERYWHERE and won't change those habits just because a sign asks them to. And in fact, I think that the beach should be TOTALLY SMOKE FREE but I guess if necessary, there should only be a teeny tiny fenced area for people who insist on smelling up the beach and polluting our fresh air with their horrible cigarette smoke! I absolutely prefer going places where cigarette smoking is banned altogether. It is my right to FRESH AIR. And Hasngel, you got a little off topic with the whole acid/flouride issue....what?!? Who was talking about that? I think you feel alot less grouchy if you just quit inhaling those poisons from your cigarettes - I've been smoke-free for 15 years and so glad I quit! GOOD JOB MEAGAN - YOU GO GIRL!!!


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