Vienna man gets marijuana dispensary

AUGUSTA — A Vienna man has been awarded a license to run a medical marijuana dispensary in what the state calls District 3 — Oxford, Franklin and Androscoggin counties.

The Department of Health and Human Services' Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services made the announcement Friday morning. Statewide, three nonprofits were picked to run dispensaries in six districts.

Twenty-seven applications were reviewed and scored, according to a press release. Timothy Smale, who was approved to run the Remedy Compassion Center from a facility in Wilton, scored the highest of any of the applicants.

In his application to the state, Smale listed his intention to sell medicinal marijuana in food forms like brownies, caramels and cookies made with cannabis-infused butter and oil. He described outfitting his building with 14 dome video cameras, 20 glass break detectors and eight motion detectors.

The growing site would be at the dispensary address.

Other details in the application, in the first year of operation:

• Smale estimated revenue at $762,142, expenses at $728,963;

• Six full-time employees in administration, seven in sales and six in cultivation;

• 375 patients; and

• Marijuana estimated at $400 an ounce. That would drop to $324 by year three.

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As a bonus he was given 200

As a bonus he was given 200 cases of Vienna sausage to satisfy the hunger pangs of his 'employees' as they sample the goods. Only in Maine folks. DUMB & DUMBER, the new tune in turn on and drop out paradise. Medical marijuana my ar$e!

 's picture


In a different write-up by the SJ it is reported the marijuana would sell to patients for $400. per ounce. If this is accurate, I wonder if the State kicks in for the people who are on Maine Care? This sounds bazaar as most people can get it cheaper on most any corner and it doesn't cost the State a dime.

 's picture

Which corner's are you buying

Which corner's are you buying your fixes at?


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