Vienna couple wins dispensary license

VIENNA — Timothy Smale, president of Remedy Compassion Center, one of three companies chosen to dispense medical marijuana in Maine, knows how desperate patients are to get access to prescription cannabis.

Submitted photo

Photo of Tim and Jennifer Smale of Vienna, owners of one of three companies selected to dispense medical marijuana in Maine. They hope to open their dispensery in Wilton by the end of the year.

Smale suffers from debilitating migraines and uses marijuana to stem nausea and to help him sleep. His wife, and vice president of Remedy, serves as his caregiver, administering doses of marijuana to him when he is too sick to do it himself.

The couple, who have lived in Vienna since 2004, intend to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Wilton, serving residents of Franklin, Oxford and Androscoggin counties.

They hope to finalize negotiations on a building on Route 2 quickly and open the dispensary by the end of the year.

According to the couple’s dispensary application, they intend to hire six administrators for the company, seven salespeople and six marijuana cultivators in their first year of business, adding several positions by year three. All of the marijuana will be cultivated at the dispensary, which will have state-of-the-art security, including motion detectors, glass-break detectors and video cameras.

Their product is expected to sell for $400 per ounce, which is $80 less than high-quality marijuana sold on the street. They will offer home delivery for customers who are not able to get to the dispensary during their regular Monday through Saturday hours.

The price per ounce is expected to drop to $324 per ounce by mid-2012.

According to the application form, the Smales anticipate marijuana sales of $388,714 in their first year of operation, growing to $1.7 million between July 2011 and June 2012, and $2.1 million the following year. Cultivation costs are expected to be $104,468 in the first year of operation, rising to $445,932 by the third year.

They estimate serving 375 patients in their start-up year, and up to 655 patients in year three.

In his application to the state, Timothy Smale listed his intention to sell marijuana in food forms such as brownies, caramels and cookies made with marijuana-infused butter and oil. The product will also be dispensed to be smoked as cigarettes, in pipes and as a smokeless vapor in a specially designed vaporizer, which eliminates carcinogens.

Patients may also be able to buy marijuana-infused topical lotions to use as anti-inflammatories or to treat psoriasis and eczema.

According to a press release issued by the couple, their goal is "to help fellow qualified patients and caregivers feel as comfortable acquiring their marijuana as they would purchasing aspirin at a pharmacy.”

The couple has not yet secured a lease on the building where they hope to establish their dispensary, Jennifer Smale said, because they couldn’t negotiate until they obtained a license. If negotiations there aren’t successful, she said they would site the dispensary elsewhere in Wilton.

According to Timothy Smale, the dispensary will feature an educational resource center for physicians to learn more about “the value of recommending medical cannabis for patients who suffer from debilitating and chronic health conditions.”

Jennifer Smale grew up in Yarmouth and left Maine to attend college. She said the couple moved to Maine in 2004 after learning voters legalized medical marijuana through referendum. At that time, Timothy Smale was CEO of Independent Glass Association, a nonprofit trade association based in Syracuse, N.Y., that helps small glass shops compete with chain stores. Jennifer Smale worked as the marketing director for IGA.

The couple later helped start up CannBe, based in Oakland, Calif., which develops and launches medical marijuana projects across the country.

Michael Danforth, a spokesman for Ahead Care, which submitted another application for District 3, said he was disappointed he lost the bids to open dispensaries in Wilton as well as in Sanford in York County and Farmingdale in Kennebec County after spending nearly $15,000 and hundreds of hours to prepare for the process.

He said his company is regrouping and will possibly submit applications for District 1, which covers southern Maine, and in Ellsworth in District 7, by the Aug. 20 deadline. None of the applicants for those districts scored the minimum 70 points to qualify for consideration to dispense marijuana, he said.

Freelance writer Betty Jespersen contributed to this report. 

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Weak minded

I agree with Gil on this one you just do not care about anyone else except for yourself. That is typical that fits you pretty well and how you raise you're own kids to be. You want to play the Stalin card you do that pretty well yourself. Right now you dodged, ducked, and had a failure of intelligence on the outfit and a failure of empathy for understanding. You're nothing except for hypocritical of others and is these debates you put yourself and your own interests first. You dodged that outfit question pretty well to turn a blind eye toward the suffering of others just like you are doing right now by ducking it on cancer and others who live with different diseases. Keep on playing Stalin and ignoring me and then having an attitude with me the reason why the outfits got so bad and expanded so much is they had someone who ignored their brutality simply to keep the public blind. Making a fine real life example of that right now, you cannot teach you're children because you ignore it, and you cannot be a morale support because you're much to communist conservative in the archetype to acknowledge when you are wrong. Do you wish a gulag for me now, twenty-five to life for supporting medicinal use? It did not hit me until now but you remind me of Bob from Sin City.

Great Conservatives

The Conservatives right now are grappling with an epidemic known as creating their own iron curtain. After years of continually investing in the war on drugs when pot is legalized for medical distribution they put their views first over migraine suffers, over HIV/AIDs suffers, and over those with glaucoma. This is the iron curtain of conservatism at it's finest which Richard Nixon had capitalized upon in several books. This smells of the inner-workings of an iron clad communist insurgency which denies itself and causes other great pains. For the pains which others live with I commend this couple for coming forward and extending a dove of peace. The militaristic anti-American Conservative and communist rubbish on here is what truly seeks to decentralized the United States of America. Nixon had few words of praise for Bush and even less of Reagan other then military strategy and condemning their outreach and advocacy for a Hitler-esque world rein of power over others. When the Conservative arms on this board condemn me and go for the knee jerk reactions as they have now pledged for locking everyone in a gulag it should come as no surprise that they are very, very simplistic in accusations.

The powder keg will be on loose accusations and fictional theories about the dangers it presents to the public populace. All the while the Conservatives will retain attention by denying Communist interference all the while using it for their own causes. Nixon wrote in a satire fashion of dealing arms for terrorists and continually doing so as a fault of our own American military industrial complexes and now we have that. We also have the added bonus of fanatics bent on prolonging an obsession with Stalin and wanting their own technological forms of controlling others and dominating their thoughts. Churches have now become an arm of that and invoking it as well standing with the SBC for stronger laws without a promise of redemption. So, now let us hear was the communists will say about their obsessions with stricter justice.


I think HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other medical reasoning is enough friend. You have no respect for me and you hardly read the postings. Hopefully someone outside of you raises you're own children right.

 's picture

Unfortunately gregg, the

Unfortunately gregg, the Obama administration picks and chooses which Federal laws they will enforce under the Supremecy Clause of the Constitution.

 's picture

It is unfortunate that he won't enforce the laws

to send you and your kind to Iran.

Jeanne Small's picture


What a lucrative business Maine is in now!

Dennis Ayala's picture


What I'd like to know is how much did everyone smoke before they came up with those numbers for prices....Is MaineCare going to cover it....we sure have a LONG way to go yet before this is a cost feasible treatment.


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