Maine values of respect

As a lifelong Mainer, working mom, and straight ally, I am writing in support of marriage equality for all Maine citizens.

My partner and I have been together for eight years but are not married. We own a home together, raise our son together, and support each other in our relationship.

In Maine, neighbors respect and help neighbors, regardless of personal or political beliefs. My neighbors do not ask if I’m married before they clear the end of our driveway after a big storm, they just help out. Actually, I don’t think my neighbors care whether I’m married or not, because they respect me for who I am and do not judge me.

Marriage equality is consistent with Maine values of respect, fairness and personal freedom. I believe that it is my right to choose whether to get married and I believe that right should be extended to every Maine citizen of legal age.

Lacey Donle, Lisbon Falls

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