Boy recovering after long fall

LEWISTON — A day after he fell from a third-story window, 22-month-old David O’Connor was back home Wednesday and keeping his feet planted on the floorboards.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Crystal Martin and her fiance, Jonathan O’Connor, are keeping close eyes on their 22-month-old son, David O’Connor, on Wednesday after he fell from a third-story window Tuesday.

“It’s like nothing happened — no broken bones, no internal injuries,” mother Crystal Martin said. “He has a small bruise and a small scratch.”

The first thing the toddler did when he got back to his 21 Walnut St. apartment?

“He headed right for the windows,” Martin said.

This time, the boy could not take a fast shortcut to the ground below. Martin and her fiance, Jonathan O’Connor, were keeping all of the windows closed. That was at the direction of the Department of Health and Human Services but also for their own peace of mind.

On Tuesday, the toddler lifted a window and shoved his hands through a screen. Moments later, he was on the ground three floors down.

The boy was supposed to be taking a nap.

Martin said her son had been put down to sleep 15 minutes earlier. But he was the curious type, an adventurer, so the couple checked on him frequently. At some point, his father went into the bedroom to see what was what.

“He just had a gut feeling that something was wrong,” Martin said. “The first thing he saw was the window wide open and the screen blowing in the breeze. All I heard was him screaming, ‘Oh, my God!’”

For the red-haired boy, the drop was a fast one. For his parents, the horror of those moments seemed to go on forever.

“When I saw that the screen was out, I knew exactly what had happened,” Jonathan O'Connor said. “My first thought was to jump out the window, to get to him as fast as I could.”

Instead, he took the front stairs.

“I just ran down those stairs as fast as I could,” O'Connor said. “I don’t think I touched a single stair all the way down.”

Outside, the boy was remarkably intact. He wasn’t crying, his father said. He was pale but coherent. He responded when his father said his name.

“The police were there in a flash,” O'Connor said. “I’m really impressed with that department. The police got there in record time and the ambulance was there five minutes later.”

The boy spent the night at the hospital where he was examined from head to toe. On Wednesday, his parents got the diagnosis: nothing broken, ripped or ruptured.

Some consider it a marvel — by Thursday night, neighbors had taken to calling the toddler Hercules or speculating that he might become a professional wrestler — if not a miracle.

The boy was named after Crystal’s brother, who was killed in a crash in 2002. The way she sees it, her brother may have been at work when her son dropped from that horrifying height.

“That,” she said, “is his guardian angel.”

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Melissa  Dunn's picture

thank goodness lil david and

thank goodness lil david and family are alright.

Thank the lord

For the happy ending!

Glenn Aho's picture

You've been in mine and my

You've been in mine and my wife's thoughts and prayers since we heard what had happened.

We are SO relieved to hear that David is fine.


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