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This letter refers to the July 8 article about two Auburn city councilors' comments on the city's costs for the Dempsey Challenge. I am appalled that members of the city council are considering an alternative to cut the $2,800 cost to cover the two-day event.

Since when do Twin Cities officials scoff at the number of people who attend the numerous events that are for fun? If City Manager Glenn Aho froze his pay raise, as should all government officials and company executives, there would perhaps be an ample amount of money to pay for the coverage of this important fundraising event.

I appeal to Auburn officials to think very carefully before trying to cut corners on an event that brings people with money in their pockets to shop, eat and sleep to the area. This event is not just for the two days, the ramifications reach far and wide to any and all who need to use the facility that this fundraising event supports.

I am not a resident of Auburn, but I shop and frequent the area often, which means I support the local economy, which puts tax dollars into the city coffers. There seems to be money for manpower for other festivals hosted by the cities. I am sure city officials can find the minimal sum requested to keep the city safe.

Vikki Roy, Jay

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I agree with the writer. that city mgr Aho's pay raise ,and even more so his public whining about it is inapppropriate in these trying economic times, but I also applaud the councilors discussing possible cost sharing with the Dempsey Challenge sponsors!


I agree that the City Mgrs pay raise, and even more so his public whining about it, is inapproporiatein these trying economic times, but I applaud the councilors for daring to discuss cost sharing options forthe Dempsey Challenge !

Melissa  Dunn's picture

i'm sure that with the amount

i'm sure that with the amount of attention and people that are going to be around it just may be too much for the city to handle. we are in an economic crisis-so this does make an impact. i can imagine that there are cuts and minimal hours with the pds, emts, etc. just along with the rest of the country. maybe things were taken out of context and maybe they were not... i am sure that they recognize just how beneficial any events is held in our cities.


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