Protect Maine's children

The 2010 Paul LePage Republican Party platform, page 4, under the heading of "Promote Family Values," reads "Parents, not government, are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of their children, whether disciplinary, educational, or medical." Conservative bloggers have written glowingly of this platform's plain English that anyone can understand.

Well, what does that plank mean?

First, that parents are the sole deciders of what is best for their children; government has no role. Second, that it means all parents — no distinction is made between loving and caring parents and bad parents; between mentally unstable and mentally stable parents.

If implemented, that plank places any child in Maine at risk. If government has no role, a large body of law disappears and along with it Child Protective Services and the role of family courts. If parents believe that beating their children is in the children's best interests, well that's OK. OK?

Such an extreme result must be a misinterpretation, but is confirmed by the plank calling to "Reject the U.N. Treaty on Rights of the Child" (the U.S. is the only country not to ratify this treaty), which is a human rights treaty setting out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of children.

Apparently LePage thinks children have no rights.

We must protect Maine's children. Defeat Paul LePage and extremism.

Jonathan Albrecht, Dixfield

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Is LePage a dangerous radical?

Will LePage slash social spending. Well here's what is says. "My three top reform prioritites are general assisteance (welfare), government regulations, and education." "Our entire welfare system is designed to breed dependency." Source: Mr. LePage's campaign website. Oh it is. Then we have nothing to fear because welfare is a monumental failure because people rarely stay on welfare for a year unless they are permanently disabled or children.
Most disturbing is this comment from Mr. LePage's positions website - "recipients with disabilities would be required to perform community services within the scope of their respective abilities." I visited Mississippi some years back and got a very good view of what Republicans mean by "respective abilities". I visited "workshops", public run businesses (apparently not socialism), that contract work with for-profit companies where disabled folks are forced to work to get public assistance. All disabled people. Those missing one or more limbs; mentally unstable, can't walk, even quadripelgics. Have you ever watched a quadripelgic try to screw two metal plates together holding the screwdriver in his teeth. I did. It was within his respective abilities.

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Talk to Paul, Madeleine, or

Talk to Paul, Madeleine, or are you just another closed minded bigot like Tron?

 's picture

Talk to Paul, Madeleine, or

Talk to Paul, Madeleine, or are you just another closed minded bigot like Tron?

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"If you get to know the

"If you get to know the "real" Paul LePage? Are you saying there is a fake one, Govt2Big?"

Yes, there is a fake one, it is the one that his opposition is trying to create. Call Paul, or visit his website at . Paul is honest and straight forward with his answers. No sugar coating or political speak. That is something refreshing.

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Jonathan Albrecht is the real extremist in this case

Can you tell the Far-Left extremists are getting nervous about the fall elections? Although I do respect his rights under the First Amendment, the only real extremist in this case/LTTE is the author Jonathan Albrecht. In fact, if you do a simple Google search for his name and the word Maine, his association with groups like the infamous and ultra Far-Left 'Maine Can Do Better' is one of the first links -

The Extreme Far-Lefties are clearly nervous that they are about to lose political power in the fall, but I truly hope most of the voters will recognize what they're doing. They are the true cancer that is destroying our quality of life in Maine. They are the true cancer that is sucking us deeper into a more socialist/communist state. They are the true extremists that must be defeated in November.

As for Paul LePage, please visit his website at
- especially the position statements and informational videos. If you get to know the "real" Paul LePage, you will see that he is exactly what Maine taxpayers need right now.
** LePage for Governor 2010 **

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It would be nice if the lies could be stopped

Madeleine, the only fake Paul LePage is that one being painted by Extreme Far-Lefties like Jonathan and tron.

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although i will not vote for

although i will not vote for lepage... i don't think that his parents vs. government was meant in a way where children (as well as those who are in need of help,etc.) would be at risk. it would take a lot more than this campaign to get away with 'all or nothing'.

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It also means

parents can deny their children medical attention, regardless of the situation. Untenable.

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over your head

Apparently the goals of the UN treaty are way over your head.

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a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

Tron, and a few others on this site, fit the definition perfectly.

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I guess if you're against children's rights you must support buying and selling kids, child pornography, child prostitution, etc...

RONALD RIML's picture

Mummsie - Are you going to 'Spoil it for Barb?'

By telling her that you, in fact, are government, and are raising four children.....

There goes her theory all shot to hell!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

[This comment has been

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

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[This comment has been edited

[This comment has been edited by the administrator]

GOP Platform = "A Modest Proposal"

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How unreasonable!

No BDS? No whining? If those were the rules, we would never again hear from Albrecht, tron, xyz, veritas, lil, ...

The Master of the Universe has been on the thrown for more than 1.5 years. If that UN thingy was even on his to-do list, he could have long since rammed it through the compliant Congress. (There's another rule: No blaming "obstructionist" Republicans.)

But the debate is over, really. The "financial" reform atrocity allows the O to issue a royal decree, with no confirmation by Congresscritters, that some private enterprise must be nationalized and run by the all-competent government. It's not much of a stretch of the monarch's authority to proclaim that the nanny state is now truly in charge, and will raise all young-human-units in manners most beneficial to the kingdom. After all, it's been done before with rousing success. Remember the Hitler Youth?


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