Invest in the boy

The story "Burning desire" in the July 11 Sun Journal led to a lot of discussion about one little boy’s fascination with fire. I wonder why is he the way he is? What to do? How to help him?

The only long-term chance at a solution for this child and the safety of others seems to be the Brandon School in Massachusetts, at a cost of $410 a day.

No one can watch over him every second. Not socializing leads to other problems. Lock him up? Where? No life for the child and no help for his problem. And when he obtains adult status, he could move anywhere and take his fascination with him.

The state of Maine is in the red financially and has to choose carefully how to spend money. I think the state can and should invest in that boy.

Firemen say he won’t stop setting fires, so we must weigh the threat to life and property against the small cost of helping that boy.

June Chartier, Auburn

What do you think of this story?

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Those are probably the same things the DHHS workers were saying in the Angela Palmer case right up until the fireman opened the oven door. Probably a whole lote of other dead child cases too.

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Adoption Option

It is also possible with so many folks adopting older children these days that all three of these children could well be adopted into good homes if DHHS would act before disastor takes a life. Certainly the youngest could be expected to be adopted quickly.

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Can you imagine if it was a foster father that had done that? He would never have seen freedom again.

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No Doubt In My Mind

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People can not go read the original article & postings

Are you saying people can not go back and read the original article and postings and see the contents of the articles and what the aunt and mother wrote for themselves? I surely can say what I have no doubt about in my own mind without having to prove to anyone I have no doubt in my mind of this.

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National News in the making?

This boy and his siblings have been at the forefront of SJ readers attention since being introduced by Lindsay Tice 10 days ago. It would be a shame to have them become national news and forever infamously recognized names such as Angela Palmer and Caylee Anthony have become because DHHS fails take quick and decisive action to permanently remove these children from this home. I hope and pray these children do not become three more horrific statistics.
Patty, can you provide the many concerned SJ readers with any update on status of these precious children. Perhaps Lindsay could do a follow-up story for all of those who do not read online and of course keep online readers who clearly care informed in the future

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silly heathen

God invented fire so Jesus could have a dinosaur barbecue.


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