Giving back to taxpayers

This is in response to the article I saw in the Sun Journal July 14 about the local farmers market and its promotion for people receiving state assistance — for every $10 spent on fruits and vegetables, they get $10 worth free.

My problem with that is that those people get state assistance, meaning they already receive free food.

Why not give $10 worth of free veggies to taxpayers? That, or have those people use $10 of their own food stamps?

Ryan Kimball, Lewiston

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Carrie LaRoche's picture


Funny how someone can be on here saying that food stamps don't cost the state anything!
I guess you also believe Obama money is money that falls from the sky....
It DOES cost the taxpayers - of ALL states

Mark Wrenn's picture


So, the local farmers are offering nutritious food to those in need, and you want to be first in line to take it away? Put down the Cheetos and the Mountain Dew and pay attention.

Ed Enos's picture


I don't think he wants to take anything away, but just wanted to be part of the "2 for 1" deal. I don't think that's an unreasonable request.

 's picture

If you had bothered to read the article

you would have learned that participants must use at least 10$ of food assistance in order to receive the additional 10$ worth of vegetables. And I know of no one who receives free food from the state.

 's picture

the $10 they must spend MUST

be from their food supplement allowance, NOT cash. Otherwise greedy people like you would be able to go, spend $10, and reap the benefit of this program, which is meant for low income people. Remember this is NOT a government program but a program started by a chef who noticed that low income people generally bought unhealthy foods, because it was cheap and filling. So he started this program to try and change bad habits.


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