Commissioners OK payment for treasurer referendum

PARIS — Oxford County commissioners approved paying for a printing job on Tuesday after county Treasurer Roy Gedat questioned whether the cost should be paid with tax revenue.

Gedat said he held off on paying a $5,190.92 bill to J.S. McCarthy Printers of Augusta, who printed the ballots for an Oxford County referendum vote in June, until he could bring the matter to the commissioners. The referendum question asked whether voters would make the treasurer a position appointed by the commissioners rather than elected by voters. Results posted on the county's website, which are complete except for returns from Magalloway Plantation, show that 9,125 people voted against the change and 5,492 voted in favor of it.

“I didn't feel comfortable having the taxpayers pay the cost of the commissioners politically motivated decision,” Gedat said on Wednesday. “I think that it should have been paid either personally by the commissioners or through the party that sponsored this action.”

Former treasurer Mary Ann Prue, who held the office for 13 years, resigned earlier this year and the Oxford County Democrats selected Gedat to take her place. Commissioners argued that the resignation allowed a chance to streamline the treasurer's office to save costs. They also said changing the position to an appointed one would ensure that someone with adequate credentials would hold the job.

Opponents argued that the proposal would make the treasurer less accountable to the people. Gedat has also maintained that the question is politically motivated, since two commissioners are Republicans and one was a Republican before becoming an Independent in 2008. Gedat is the Democrat's nominee for the treasurer’s office in the November race, and though no Republican candidate was selected in the June primaries, he faces a challenge from Independent candidate Bill Hines of Peru.

On Tuesday, Chairman Steve Merrill said the county was obligated to pay the bill. He also said the question was legal under a state statute allowing commissioners or petitioners to pose the question of changing the treasurer’s status to voters. Commissioner David Duguay agreed that the bill needed to be paid.

“I thought it was important to get it out there and find out what people wanted,” Duguay said.

Commissioners voted 2-0 to approve payment, with commissioner Caldwell Jackson abstaining. Jackson also abstained from a vote earlier this year sending the matter to a vote, and later said he felt the issue should have been addressed during an off-year election.

Other counties in Maine have discussed changing the treasurer’s position from an elected to an appointed one, but only Knox County has made the change.

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 's picture

Well 'Beeme'

You Certainly have much to say and like a friend who used to visit the staes and would rent a new American Car his respone and my response to you is all that Noise and Nothing. I am curious what brought on that assault on the Good Character of Scott Cole ?.
It is clear that your postings are a usual typical front From the opponets of free thinking principals.It seems as though you have your Blinders on securely, but I'll try anyway. Scott Cole is about as Able of an Administrator as one could get.I find it so predictable when Misfits tend to attack Public servants to better or in this case feather their own List

Now if you and you obviously have a problem with him then perhaps youm should meet him and discuss your differences. But I doubt you will do that. I am very familar with your previous postings so despite an obvious attempt to conceal yourself it failed and you have been revealed by your uprorious behavior.

I dis agree with your assertion that the three Commissioners are not worthy. They are very worthy and despite what discontents like you write and say we knwo that their cause is Just.

hat this is about is Roy gedat trying to capture some media attention to Bolster his Public image and as we now see that endeavor failed, now you have aligned yourself with that faction. Surely you must be feeling pretty foolish

 's picture

Roy what don't you get ?

Roy Gedat seems to have some difficulty when it pertains to minding his Business. Hey here is an idea lets get Bill Hine elected and remove Roy the Complainer/ It seems as though Mr Gedat feels that the decision to change the status of the Position of the treasurer to an appointed position. OK Now Roy contends that the Commissioners decision was politically motivated. Here is a thought Roy Gedat is all about Political motivation. The idea that the Commissioners came up with a sound idea. It appears to me that Mr gedat (1) Cannot control his Temper outburts, (2) Having never held elected office prior to his current position which was a political 'Plum' Mr Gedat like our Current president has never gained the hands on expereince in being able to Comprimise.(3) Roy has not figured out that it is important to show some respect for the Commissioners who have the last word on many County Decisions.

In essence this is what I am thinking. Roy Gedat has demonstrated that he is not a team Player.This does in a way surprise me because I have been told by several folks who have worked with Roy over the years Both here in Maine and throughout the new England region that he is usually positive and an easy going Guy.

And yet to attack the Likes of Dave Dugay and Caldwell jackson and Steve merrill tells me that Roy does not play well with others or those who have a different point of view than he does.

 's picture

Gedat is an idiot

This Guy Gedat has demonstrated that there is no limit to how low he will sink to advance his Masters Bidding. here is a thought Join Me and others by supporting Bill Hine for treasurer and vote Gedat out of office. Roy Gedat is Cut from the same faded Cloth that our Current Governor is cut from. Maine can no longer afford the Behavior of such Fools as Roy gedat.

Either Mr gedat does not understand the Election process or perhaps he does not understand who the true masters are that he alone must serve. Me Thinks that this latest issue was raised by Oxford County Denmocratic Chair Cathy newell who also in on the pecking order of her True Master Governor Baldacci.

This fall lets make it a clean sweep and Vote Mr gedat ot of office before he does nay serious damage to thje Position that he currently owes to his ultimate Puppet Master Governor Baldacci.

Oxford County has been blessed with three very able financially respondsible Commissioners who understand that the gravy train that Mr Gedat has been feeding from has run dry.

 's picture

Printing bill for referendum

I am sorry to say that it looks like Mr. Gedat is trying to make a political point. When any bill is to be paid by the county, the Commissioners need to approve it being paid. So, by Mr. Gedat bringing this up as one issue, he is trying to make it political. Plus, I have worked with many counties through the years, and they do need to either legislate qualifications for the Treasurer or have the Commissioners appoint the Treasurer. We are spending extra money at the county level because many Treasurers are not qualified to do the job so the counties are forced to hire another employee to do the job that the Treasurer is incapable of doing.


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