Turn things around

I am going to vote for Paul LePage in November, purely for selfish reasons.

I love my daughter, and my grandson is my world. I cannot fathom a day when I could not see him or play with him. I cannot imagine not being part of his achievements in life.

It would be sad for me to grow old without my family if they had to move out of state to make a decent living. I would be crushed if I could see my daughter and grandson only once a year, if that.

There are many families out there who have lost their children and grandchildren to different states.

Democrats have controlled Maine for more than 30 years, and the state has lost too many of our youths to their policies.

In November, I will vote for Paul LePage. I hope others will, to help my family stay in Maine.

Robert Sevigny, Auburn

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 's picture

Mission Statement

Wow Parrot, that was truly profound. Do you suppose the Liberals are looking for a Mission Statement? If so you just wrote it to perfection in one fifteen word sentence!

 's picture

joeziehmer said" "That was no

joeziehmer said"
"That was no drunken stupor if you have nothing nice to say then please do not say anything at all."

joeziehmer, I want to offer my sincere apologies, I was unaware of your condition. Good luck in therapy.

 's picture


Just a little question here, joez...what did the conservatives do? Did you forget who has controlled the legislature for the past few decades?

Bob Wright's picture

joeziehmer, step away from

joeziehmer, step away from the bottle and put down the drugs. Go outside and get some fresh air. Eambling on in a drunken stupor does your cause no good.

Be kind

That was no drunken stupor if you have nothing nice to say then please do not say anything at all. I mentioned the Conservatives track-record of voting and with due diligence how they have damaged Maine. Look at how much the fiscal spending has costed us at the costs of Conservative votings. Moving away businesses and allowing them to outsource due to the frabicated laws which fit. Also denying workers rights internationally for the greater good. You blame jobs for going away but do nothing against the companies which profit by outsourcing because you cannot see workers getting a raise. Congrats for using the high road of name calling.

 's picture

joeziehmer, What are you

joeziehmer, What are you talking about?


Let us see LePage dances and parades around in confusion as Conservatives have owned and operated Maine into the ground and several others have left the State or country not wanting to return. We have to describe Maine as a lost factory society which held Republican vote and domination until now Democrats have been the punching bags for every Conservative. Not for every Republican though Conservatives want a communist State owned and operated by the State and given no valid public opinion. Which you could guess given LePage's proclomation to be a Christian it is his only "view" as a Christian which matters. Thereby making it a Christianity relative to Communist China in controlling the Churches which others go to. I'm a Christian but LePage is more in favor of violating civil rights for his own "religious" causes then anything else. That has been the undoing of the State of Maine under Republican voters and their ignorance which has led to the racist ramblings of the loose right-wing.

Bob Wright's picture

Joe/voisine, I think everyone

Joe/voisine, I think everyone can see what a hateful bigot you are, so I am going to bid you ado for the the night. Go drink a little, smoke a joint, beat up someone, but do not drive.

Bob Wright's picture

Joe, where does your intense

Joe, where does your intense hatred come from?

Bob Wright's picture

Joe, you asked a question, I

Joe, you asked a question, I answered, we are talking about Dirigo health, please stay on track.

Bob Wright's picture

Joe/voisine said: if frothing

Joe/voisine said: if frothing LePage supporters could pick a problem, any problem, facing Maine and then eloquently articulate what LePage has stated he will do to resolve that problem? Please be specific.

Joe, as I have said in an earlier post, Dirigo health, which is a massive failure. The Democrats have created a monoply in the insurance industry in Maine to sustain Dirigo. Paul LePage will kill that monopoly and allow competition. A competitive market equals more choses at lower prices.

Bob Wright's picture

Joe, you are the only one

Joe, you are the only one that is insulting anyone.

Bob Wright's picture

Joe, you are the only one

Joe, you are the only one that is insulting anyone.

Bob Wright's picture

Joe/voisine wrote:

Joe/voisine wrote: "Republican: Angry. Irrational. Ignorant"

Joe, are you claiming to be a Republican? You and Tron, and a few others are quite intolerant haters.

Bob Wright's picture

A sign that the opposition is

A sign that the opposition is running scared without a clue or chance for winning, is name calling. I used to call people names, but I think I stopped either in the 3rd or 4th grade.

 's picture

Kinda sounds like 2006 when

Kinda sounds like 2006 when all baldacci could get was 39% of the vote...I'm sure you didn't complain much then about it happening,. but if it happens for a more conservative candidate - oh the tragedy!

Mark Wrenn's picture


Just shows how weak the conservative ideology is in Maine if they can't even beat 39%!

Bob Wright's picture

Joe, before I go, I would

Joe, before I go, I would like to help you with your anger and hatred for Republicans, but I need to know the source of it. Did some cute Republican girl break your heart? Maybe a Republican teacher you had a crush on, or the teacher put you in your place? Your anger and hatred seem to go well beyond bigotry. I can help, let me know.

Bob Wright's picture

Voisine, I am going out to

Voisine, I am going out to enjoy the day and to run a few errands. I suggest you do the same. Enjoy.

Bob Wright's picture

My name is Bob Wright. Seek

My name is Bob Wright. Seek help voisine, your hatred is consuming you.

Bob Wright's picture

Voisine says: "Remember when

Voisine says: "Remember when Clinton was President and we were paying under a $1.00 a gallon for gas and when Bush took office we were paying close to $4.00 a gallon for gas,"

The president does not set gas prices. It the likes of Pelosi that causes gas prices to rises. All of the democrats regulations on industry cause high gas prices, which gets passed on the the consumer through higher prices in everything we buy.

Bob Wright's picture

But God forbid, don't drink

But God forbid, don't drink and drive or smoke a little hooch.

Bob Wright's picture

Wow Voisine, your hatred is

Wow Voisine, your hatred is consuming you. Step away from the computer. Take a couple of deep breaths, maybe take a walk. Go out and enjoy nature. Relax.

Bob Wright's picture

Voisine claims: "Republicans

Voisine claims: "Republicans refusing the regulate the sub-prime market?"

I didn't realize that Barney Franks and Chris Dodd were Republicans. Bush tried to regulate Fanny and Freddy but the Democrats put a stop to that nonsense.

Voisine asks: " Is he going to make insurance affordable for all Mainers?"

In past, I have found that competition brings down the prices. LePage would open Maine to competition. The Republican have tried unsuccessfully, for years, to get the Democrats to allow competition. It was the D's who created, and sustained a monopoly to protect Dirigo health, which, by the way, is a complete failure.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Your hatred for LePage

Your hatred for LePage appears to be boundless. Does he, by any chance, have photos of you doing funny things with small farm animals?

Bob Wright's picture

Relax Voisine, I don't want

Relax Voisine, I don't want you to stroke out. I would miss your hatred and bigotry.

Is this you?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Liberalism is a perpetual

Liberalism is a perpetual state of adolescence compounded by a profound absence of rational thought.

Bob Wright's picture

Voisine claims: "Lepage has

Voisine claims: "Lepage has extremely serious issues himself. He appeared on the front page of this paper on primary night celebrating arm in arm with the owner/manager of the Bob-In (notorious for drug busts, police calls and ladies of the evening)"

Do you know about the drugs from experience?


Is this you?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Everything negative you say

Everything negative you say about LePage, pretty well fits oBAMa. Ever think about that? Ever think about anything?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

But being a "community

But being a "community organizer" and saying cool stuff like "Ya gotta have skin in the game" qualifies one for being president, though, is that it?

Bob Wright's picture

Voisine, it is always a

Voisine, it is always a pleasure to read the hatred and intolerance from one of the regular bigots such as yourself.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Reasoning with a liberal is

Reasoning with a liberal is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end, you know that, Bill.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well, at least you didn't

Well, at least you didn't resort to name calling, voisy.

Bob Wright's picture

Lil said: " I think kids

Lil said: " I think kids should be free to make their own decisions"

I agree Lil, but the kids do have that choice now. They must leave Maine to become successful or stay and work in a dead end job. What about the kids who want to stay in Maine, and see the world on family vacations. With the Democrats, that is not a choice. Maine is a anti business, high taxed state. That needs to change. With the democrats, it will be status quo!

Herb Bacheller's picture


Robert, I left Maine 47 years ago with a high school diploma, because of the lack of job opportunities, and I didn't have any money for college. I have since retired from two careers, and have a degree, yet nothing has changed in Maine. There are still dead end jobs, and unless you have money, no college opportunities.

RONALD RIML's picture

Will LePage 'Republican Up' bringing Maine up by it's Bootstraps

That ought to be a good one.....

Let's see what happens if he puts his pen where his values are, and starts turning down Federal aid to the state.

In 2008, Maine received just over $2,000 per person in Federal aid to state and local governments - about $300 more than the national average. Is he going to turn it down and get Maine to work???

Alaska, with all it's oil revenues (and money returned to it's citizens) - received almost $4,000 per person in Federal aid to the state and local government. Governor Palin certainly didn't have any problem milking the U.S. Taxpayer with all that oil underfoot.....

So we know where she's at. All those jobs in Alaska - and they were the #2 State at sucking at the Federal teat.


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

LePage is far from the

LePage is far from the perfect candidate, and probably, the most qualified people will be watching from the sidelines, but can you honestly say that career politician Libby Mitchell is the answer to Maine's multitude of problems. This election, like so many in the past, is simply another exercise in going to a house of ill repute in search of a virgin bride.

Mark Wrenn's picture


So, for very selfish reasons you don't want the youngsters in your family making their own way in the world? I think kids should be free to make their own decisions and get out and explore the world. You only get one chance.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And if you play it right,

And if you play it right, once is enough. However, sadly, too many never get the chance to do it because they either prefer (or their circumstances dictate) to be coddled by the government and have government do all their thinking and planning for them. Example: how hard is an unemployed guy going to look for work if he knows he's got 99 weeks to sit on his ass and collect unemployment checks?

Ed Enos's picture


My son will be graduating in 2 yrs from USM, and would love to stay in Maine. But the reality is, while his major is in the top 10 of the projected employment opportunities, he is afraid he will not be able to stay in Maine. That is much of a choice is it? We continually bemoan the lack of opportunity for our college graduates, but the legislature has done little or nothing to make Maine a more attractive place to add jobs. Our taxes are too high, our roads are junk and Augusta is constantly trying to milk the few successful businesses in Maine, ie Poland Spring story earlier this week. It is time for a change and a refocus of the state slogan: "Maine, the way life should be."

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The educational system'll be

The educational system'll be fine if the state can ever get around to funding its promised 55% share of the cost to cities and towns. After all, we do have a $70 million surplus. Just ask Baldacci; he'll tell you.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Robert, in November I also

Robert, in November I also will be voting for Paul Lepage, and for similar reasons. Maine has been headed in the wrong direction for quite a while under the leadership of career politicians that have very liberal leanings and absolutely zero real world experience. You can't be a state that farms welfare for matching federal bucks as a way of life and at the same time be an attractive place to operate a business.


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