Trash problem shuts down Sebago Lake beach

RAYMOND, Maine (AP) — The town manager in Raymond, Maine, says the local beach on Sebago Lake will be closed for the rest of the summer because too much trash is being left behind.

Don Willard tells the Portland Press Herald that the waste includes hypodermic needles, used condoms, dog feces, and bottles and beer cans.

The beach was closed on July 7 after town officials found elevated levels of E. coli bacteria in the water. It was reopened the next day and since then, water quality tests have been satisfactory.

Raymond selectmen are expected to consider a plan to better manage the beach or close it permanently.


Information from: Portland Press Herald,

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Need we say more..the trash that use this and leave this junk lying around are not the responsible people that use it for swimming...they are going there at night and I think it should be watched more closely so the ones responsible can be made to clean it up when they get busted...isn't it against the law to litter??? It's not just what gets thrown out of a car that's poop, needles and condoms..come on people...this stuff that is getting left behind is not what usually gets taken on a picnic!!!

 's picture

That is beyond sad

A few piggish people ruin it for everyone else...they know who they are and should be ashamed (but of course, probably aren't.)

 's picture

This is so sad

I used to go to this beach as a child and cannot believe what people will do. That is disgusting and they have ruined it for everyone! Just inconsiderate pigs.

 's picture

Families with kids will be

Families with kids will be the hurt ones here. Comeone people, pick up after yourself or do you just trash your home too?


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