Firefighter charged after crash

LEWISTON — A Lewiston firefighter was arrested Wednesday night, charged with driving drunk and crashing into a parked car on King Avenue.

Donald Lagrange, 54, of 22 Baril St., was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and failure to provide information on a vehicle accident.

At about 9 p.m., police received a complaint that one vehicle had crashed into another on King Avenue. The impact of the crash forced the parked vehicle into a garage, causing damage to that building.

Officers who went to the area found Lagrange nearby. After investigating further, they arrested him. Lagrange was booked and later released.

A private with the firefighting force, Lagrange has served as commander of the department’s honor guard. He has also received commendations for exceptional work.

Lagrange has had previous legal trouble, including arrests on assault and terrorizing charges.

Lewiston police were expected to turn over their reports to fire Chief Paul LeClair for review.

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Reporter Strikes Again

Once again Mark Laflamme has struck. Why the Sun Journal continues to employ someone like him who just loves to rip good people apart is beyond me, oh wait it's not about the person in the story it's about ratings that's right I almost forgot. Forget the fact that these things listed may have happened over 20 years ago when one was young and made mistakes. But I am sure and "outstanding" employee like Mark Laflamme has NEVER made any bad judgment calls in his life, and if he has (which we all know he has) he would NEVER even think of writing or allowing anything to be written to smear his name, but that's ok we the citizens feel he does a fine job of that every day that we read his piece of trash articles. Shame on Sun Journal for allowing this obscene writing to continue.

good apple gone bad???

Sounds like this guy needs help and fast..

 's picture

what does occupation have to do with this

Crimes regardless of what they are having nothing to do with employment for the most part. Doubt the SJ would of done so much if this was an employee of one of their advertisers, much like when one of the owners of the paper got arrested for the same type of thing, what coverage did that receive? This guy will get his day in court and will be punished according to the law for what he did that evening. We can all be happy that the outcome was not much worse. Very few people have not had an episode of bad judgment during their lives, assuming this was the first OUI incident? Another incident of yellow journalism 101. They would rather diminish30+ years of work. If he was working and drunk, then it is fair game, otherwise why list anyone’s occupation unless it is relevant to the story? List occupations for ALL, or do not do it at all. He will have his day in court and will likely be punished accordingly, the sun journal should not be smearing people in this manner.

think he may have smeared

think he may have smeared himself..OUI..not good for anyone..

 's picture


Firefighters want it both ways.... be known as heroes but only when they are working. I would say they should be held acountable all the time?

 's picture


Fireman are numb as can be

 's picture


Now here you get words of wisdom from the big tough guy hiding behind the key board. I guess you can't expect any more from someone who's mother is also his aunt.


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