Oil spill should not have happened

I am not surprised that it took Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to tell the American public the truth that the oil spill could have been prevented if it were not for eight years of the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney administration. Bush’s crew at the Minerals Management Service in 2003 could not wait to jump in bed with the oil industry and give it any cost-cutting it wanted. The absence of an acoustical regulator, a remotely triggered dead-man’s switch that would have closed off BP’s gushing oil, was not deemed necessary and too costly by the oil-friendly Bush administration.

Cheney’s offshore company (here we go again), Halliburton, had just completed working on a very sensitive process that, according to government experts, could trigger catastrophic blowouts. Shortly after that work was done, the British Petro well went up in flames.

The festering ethics of the Bush administration and the corruption of the agency required to oversee that the law is obeyed are at fault. Bush’s 2005 energy bill removed the requirement for the acoustical regulator as too costly. The price of an acoustical regulator is $500,000. The cost so far for this spill is now $14 billion, just for the Gulf states.

Perhaps now the American people will understand why President Barack Obama has issued a halt to offshore oil drilling, because without the acoustical regulator on those wells, America and the world could have a repeat disaster beyond imagination.

Thank you, RFK Jr.

William R. Rice Jr., Wilton

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hey, Ricey...you talking

Hey, Ricey...you talking about the same RFK who kisses Hugo Chavez's photo every night before retiring, or are you talking about the one who's hustling communist Venezuelan oil to Maine's poor and unfortunates? And making a pretty good buck at it for himself. Is that the one?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Pelosi's got a movement going

Pelosi's got a movement going to rename the San Andreas Fault, the Bush fault.

 's picture

Sorry Lilly, but Oblameya got

Sorry Lilly, but Oblameya got 77,051 when he was Senator putting him at the head of the receiving line.

 's picture

oil industry

MoveOn.org already tried to flog this story. It quickly went away when if was pointed out that Obama appointed a retired BP executive to lead the MMS and that Obama has received more money from BP than any other candidate EVER. Check out MoveOn.org's website/facebook site and the comments and the proof is all cited there. What people need to get over is the Demoncrat/Republiclowns crap and focus on the stinking reality of national politics.

 's picture


Corporations can't donate to candidates.

 's picture


Just goes to show you what happens when republiclowns are allowed to run the country - lack of effective regulation and an economy swirling the drain. Thanks Dubya!

 's picture

The president is trying to ...

... shut down offshore drilling to appease his far-left base and the environmental extremists. That pesky other branch of government, the judiciary, keeps reminding him that he's not a dictator - yet. He said he has been on top of this issue since day one, so he owns it. It's too late to start shrieking again "It's Bush's fault!" and the polls prove it.

The disaster beyond imagination is already well launched and the only chance we, and the rest of the world, have is starting this November, to be continued in 11/2012.


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