Future lies in water resource

Nestle profits handsomely from Maine but simultaneously complains that Maine is a tough state for business (Sun Journal, July 16). It nets hundreds of millions of dollars while a financially strapped Maine slashes its budget and makes cuts in education, health care, social services and conservation.

Nestle is on a strong publicity campaign to avoid a grass roots movement that could make Maine a rich instead of a poor state. Maine is not profiting from its natural resource: water. Nestle is exploiting Maine.

Maine’s executive branch and Legislature have been heavily lobbied for many years by Nestle to block changing Maine’s groundwater laws and imposing an excise tax. For conservation reasons and best management, Maine's groundwaters should be in the public trust, but they are not. Nestle’s claim that a water tax would cost Maine jobs is highly unlikely. It cultivates “good will” through relatively minuscule contributions to local communities and nonprofit organizations to enhance its public image.

It would be informative to see an independent audit of the net profits that make any excise tax so “tough” for Nestle.

Maine's economic future lies in how it handles its water. With global warming, proper control of Maine’s water can make it one of the richest states in the country. Nestle’s clever public relations campaign must be countered by an informed and mobilized Maine public to make that happen.

Howard A. Corwin, Center Lovell

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 's picture

What Jobs?

Nestle provides no jobs. They contract with us because without us they can't make a profit. They rent our skills, our knowledge, and our experience because without it they are nothing. We built this country not Nestles.

Steve Bannister's picture

Can you say....

Dan Rather? Keith Slobberman? Sam Donaldson? Media bias from Fox, and others. WAKE UP!!!! She was told to resign by the White House, NOT, Fox news. Those were her own words as I viewed the interview with her on CNN not Fox. I didn't read any BAN WOLFE rants in your comments, or Ted Turner must burn in shell! I hope you don't drive in your condition.

Steve Bannister's picture


you speak one CNN/MSNBC/PBS liberal bias talking point and typical sarcastic name calling comment after another. I did not see any of the fox coverage of this issue. What I did see was the coverage on CBS morning news showing the dismissed lady on an interview from CNN saying how she received three calls from the White House, NOT any other agency, to resign immediately. Take the blinders off. The current administration is growing government at an astronomical rate and will need more and more taxes to pay for all the entitlements being forced into law. I do not agree.

Discussion and arguments are great. continuous belittling, name calling and sarcasm gets old fast. Dan Rather lost his job as anchor after 3 decades on the top rated national nightly news for telling the truth. Your liberals do no wrong even if they leave a drunk women passed out in a car to drown so I don't ruin MY POLITICAL career underwear are showing. Lies are lies, crimes are crimes and to say otherwise eliminates any credibility you have or had.

 's picture

That's It...I'm Done

I really like the concept of a forum where Sun-Journal subscribers can comment on the news of the day. I am really interested in Lewiston-Auburn current events and find reading the comments an interesting complement to the stories published.

To be continually insulted by an unnamed poster is not what I log onto this board/forum to read. I carried the paper for 3 years starting 51 years ago and have read the Sun-Journal for probably 55 years now. While I am of an alternative political persuasion of the current Editorial staff, I enjoy reading the local news/sports daily because the Sun-Journal does provide excellent coverage of the local scene.

I am amazed that the Sun-Journal will let a "tron" sit there and insult paying customers all day and all night. His personal attacks go beyond the pale. It really cheapens the effort of the LSJ staff.

Thanks for the right of "free speech." And thanks for the freedom of deciding not to read and associate with people that I prefer not to.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Outstanding point,

Outstanding point, las....liberals have far more freedom of expression than conservatives do. And, their response to that, I'm certain, is, "if you dont' like it, don't come". But I'll tell you one thing; if I'm ever told to stop coming, my LSJ daily subscription goes with me.

 's picture


Mr. Corwin says: " Nestle’s clever public relations campaign must be countered by an informed and mobilized Maine public to make that happen."

True. I believe Nestle is all ready being taxed and laws in place to protect the resource.


NestleHas had A freed ride in this State for 2 long@ Giving back TAtaxpayers 0, $while givingG giving Maine taxapayors nextt too nothing!!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What about the jobs they

What about the jobs they provide? That's the whole problem with us Mainers. We complain and complain about all the resources that are being drained by the few large corporations that operate in this miserable state. We beat on them until they pack up and go where their employment opportunities will be welcomed and appreciated. Then, after they've gone, we piss and whine about how bad our economy is and how our unemployement rate sucks. We can't always have it both ways, folks. We want 'em here or we don't.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That wasn't a personal

That wasn't a personal attack, I take it.

Steve Bannister's picture


Liberals can write screamming, yelling,my hairs on fire comments are never personal. only comments deemed to be from Conservative right-wing tea-baggers are those deemed personal and/or too aggressive. Tron can say you or I am cross burning racists who hate the poor and not a peep. If we reply, liar, we get, warning!! warning!! warning!! Let's not hurt feelings or I will block you! Geez!! I can't agree more.


I ehoel eheartedly agre !Nestle has been given a free ride for way toolong


I ehoel eheartedly agre !Nestle has been given a free ride for way toolong


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