LePage brings age into Maine governor's race

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Elizabeth "Libby" Mitchell, Maine's Democratic candidate for governor, doesn't appreciate Republican rival Paul LePage's belated birthday acknowledgment.

Libby Mitchell
Pat Wellenbach/Associated Press

Libby Mitchell gestures during a debate of the four Democratic gubernatorial candidates at the University of Southern Maine in Portland on in June.

Over the weekend, LePage told supporters in Bath that "Libby had her 70th birthday a few weeks ago" and went on to say he was concerned about her. He said "we should send her home."

Mitchell responded Monday by saying LePage "cannot seem to open his mouth without putting his foot in it."

She borrowed a quip from Ronald Reagan, saying she was not going to exploit her opponent's "youth and inexperience".

Mitchell, Maine's Senate president, turned 70 on June 22. LePage, mayor of Waterville, is 61 and will have a birthday before Election Day.

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 's picture

The extreme lefties are simply amazing

but it's nice to see they haven't given up on Libby yet.

 's picture

Mccain? That's

your very best come back?

McCain would have been 72 when sworn in if he had been elected. His father and grandfather had BOTH died well before 72 of heart problems. McCain had melanoma multiple times (a disease known to manifest itself suddenly and without warning in major organs even long after it is declared in remission). He actually had another growth removed DURING THE CAMPAIGN.

I am rather "senior" myself, close to McCain's age and retired. I did not think one moment about McCain's age until he selected the singularly least qualified candidate to ever run for Vice President in modern history (and yes I am including Stockdale, Perot's 1st choice as running mate. Palin is THAT bad!). The moment I learned about that choice I made up my mind that, no matter how much I had always admired him, I could NOT vote for McCain because 1) Actuarially speaking his demise was just too likely and 2) His VP selection proved he was already demonstrating extreme deterioration in judgment

Maine's governor is not commander in chief of the largest armed force in the world. If Maine's governor becomes incapacitated it is just not that big of a deal, no one is going to use it as an opportunity to launch an attack, and in the meantime our state constitution has the situation well covered.

 's picture

what are the chances

[This comment was removed by the administrator]

 's picture

AARP should focus on members & stop playing political favorites

Since the AARP has primarily become another PAC with lots of money to support the Extreme Far-Left movement, who cares what they think? It's time for the old status quo mentality to be replaced by a strong and fiscally conservative approach. It's time for Paul LePage to be our next Governor. If you’re still in doubt, please read his website at http://www.lepage2010.com

 's picture

Rather than run for Governor,

Rather than run for Governor, I would have thought that given her age and with her name recognition she would sell a line of colostomy bags.

 's picture

Thanks Dan, as a close

Thanks Dan, as a close personal friend I think of you every morning as I pull the chain in the water closet and the smell dissapates.

 's picture

As a matter of fact, knowing

As a matter of fact, knowing you are so close to the river there I suspect you feel the surge!

Steve Bannister's picture

Issues are.....

after eight years of the democrats running and ruining this over taxed state into near oblivion let us be smart enough not to elect the current Senate leader to continue the madness. LePage is a far better choice. He at least know how to work a balance sheet, meaing it must run it the black not the dem's favorite color, red.

 's picture

Has anyone checked to see if

Has anyone checked to see if Mitchell still has a pulse?


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