CMP ready to start work on power grid upgrade

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Central Maine Power is on track to begin construction on its $1.4 billion power grid upgrade within a few weeks.

The state's largest electric utility said Tuesday that it has received the final permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

CMP President Sara Burns says the state's economy will get a boost from one of the biggest construction projects in the state's history.

Once work is completed, she says Mainers will benefit from "smarter, stronger grid" that's bulked up to handle future wind power projects.

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It is all about overbuilding for erratic wind. If I cannot afford my elec. bill I will happily disconnect. Mainers do not need expensive wind power ever. HydroQuebec is waiting.

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Where are the Environmentalists?

I can't believe that Maine, with its long standing record of preserving its special places, is allowing this huge scale, totally unnecessary, and ridiculously expensive project to proceed. After years of selling this project as needed to make delivery of electricity more reliable, Iberdrola owned CMP has in recent months blatently stated the real purpose---to tie in planned proliferation of wind projects. Where are the environmental groups---NRCM, Audubon, Nature Conservancy and others? Not so long ago, they would be leading the charge in court and in molding public opinion against a travesty like this! They have all sold out to the propaganda of the wind industry---an industry that would not exist without the huge TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES and favorable manipulations of the laws and the energy markets.
We will all be poorer as taxpayers and ratepayers and sadder as Maine's vaunted Quality of Place is destroyed by this misguided embrace of industrial wind and the powerline expansion. Grab your wallets, people, as we are in for huge electricity cost increases.

 's picture

Army Corps rubber stamps permits.

The Army Corp of Engineers hands out permits with no concern for regulations protecting wetlands and streams that it is supposed to be protecting. They are as dysfunctional as the Mineral Management Service that rubber stamped permits for oil drilling like the BP well in the Gulf.


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