Driver charged with OUI after Route 4 crash

AUBURN — A city man was charged with operating under the influence following a Tuesday evening crash that took out a utility pole on Route 4 near Lake Auburn.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Rush-hour traffic heading north on Route 4 was backed up to the Auburn Mall after a driver in an Acura crashed into a utility pole near Fair Street around 5 p.m. Tuesday. Corey Green, 21, of Fern Street, Auburn, was charged with operating under the influence.

Corey Green, 21, of Fern Street was charged at Central Maine Medical Center where he was taken for minor injuries following the one-vehicle crash at the intersection of Route 4 and Fair Street. A nursing supervisor at the hospital said Tuesday night that she was unable to "confirm or deny" any information on Green's condition or whether he was released.

Lt. Anthony Harrington of the Auburn Police Department said the crash occurred at 5:02 p.m. and restricted traffic headed north to one lane for several hours as a crew from Central Maine Power worked to reset the pole and repair the lines. He added that no power outage was reported to police as a result of the crash.

Green was northbound on Route 4 when he failed to negotiate a slight turn in the road and hit the utility pole head-on, Harrington said. Damage to the 1999 Acura Integra that Green was driving was estimated at $8,000; the car was demolished. Damage to the CMP pole was listed at $5,000.

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starting young!!!

Way too many drunk drivers on the road!!! This is a real problem all around the country, not just Maine. Wish we could make drunks understand how dangerous this is, but you can't tell a drunk anything!!! They make me ill...

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I drove by this today and came to the site here to see if someone died or what happened to cause it.

There was glass and a headlight about 6 feet from the crash site. He must have been driving fast on top that.

At least he hit a pole and not another car head-on.

I hate drunk drivers .... NO EXCUSE.

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That should say 60 feet, not

That should say 60 feet, not 6 feet lol.


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