Woman killed in motorcycle accident

LOVELL — A 49-year-old woman was killed Saturday after the motorcycle she was riding on collided with a car on Route 5.

Sgt. Matthew Baker of the Oxford County Sheriff's Office said Jean Fisher of Leeds and her 46-year-old husband, Joseph Fisher, of Leeds were thrown from their 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King. Joseph was driving the motorcycle north when it struck the back of a station wagon driven by 61-year-old Peter Ellsworth of Bedford, Mass., at the intersection with North Lovell Road.

“The car stopped to make a left-hand turn,” Baker said. “For whatever reason the motorcycle didn't see that the car had stopped and was unable to stop in time.”

Baker said neither Joseph nor Jean was wearing a helmet. Jean died of blunt force trauma to the head, and Joseph was taken to Bridgton Hospital and then to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston with injuries that were not considered life-threatening. Ellsworth was not hurt in the accident.

Baker and Deputy Robert Ryder responded to the scene, along with Trooper Tom Welch of the Maine State Police, Fryeburg Rescue, and the Lovell Fire Department. A section of Route 5 was closed for about four hours to allow police to do accident reconstruction work.


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 's picture

road king

the harley was not a road king that day.. big scary noises and all. Rest In Peace.. maine roads are challenging.

 's picture

This is very sad

However, the "what if she was wearin' a helmet" question is not relevant to the situation. I have known people to be wearin' their helmet and still receive major head / neck injuries.
Unfortunately when it's your time to "crossover", it just is.
Prayers and thoughts are with her (& his) family and friends.

so sad for the loss..

My heart goes out to the family of this lady..I am sure they knew of the risks involved when they drive without a helmet and can't help but wonder how the outcome would have been had she been wearing one..R.I.P. dear lady...

 's picture

Helmet Law

I have never understood why I cannot drive in my car without a seatbelt - can be fined for that offense - but one can wear NO helmet on a motorcycle....it just makes no sense to me. We do not live in the state who's motto is 'Live Free or Die"...
To this family, my heart aches for your loss.

 's picture

The price of freedom...

It is very sad, especially to think if they were wearing helmets she probably would have survived the accident. Alas, the price of freedom is sometimes costly...

 's picture

Maybe if she were wearing a helmet...

this sad story would have had a happier ending. Don't understand why people don't protect their heads when on a motorcycle...that is so sad.


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