Bikers have one reason for noise

I am a truck driver. I've been driving trucks for 45 years, with more than a million miles of experience.

I am writing to say the claims that noise makes motorcycles safe is bogus and ridiculous (July 19).

First of all, the annoying noise is behind the bike. The faster the bike is moving, the farther behind the noise is. At any speed above 40 mph, a person can't hear the bike until after he sees it.

Most cars on the road have air conditioning. With the air conditioning on and the windows up, a driver can't hear the noise, anyway.

Safety hazards that motorcycles encounter are the fault of the rider most of the time. That includes acceleration from a stop that is far too fast; quickly changing lanes, leaving little or no reaction time; riding down the breakdown lane or between two lanes of cars to avoid backed-up traffic; and exceeding the speed limit.

Bikers have loud machines for one reason and one reason only, and that is to be annoying.

Mission accomplished.

Michael A. Mills, Otisfield

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Andy Ford's picture

Motorcycle noise pollution

There is no need for loud pipes for safety. This is proven every day when thousands of bikers ride quietly and safely.
For those riders who believe that noise increases safety, there are very loud air horns available for motorcycles that cost less than $50.

 's picture

Loud pipes are the same as

Loud pipes are the same as big spoilers on little Hondas, big handguns, etc... it all equals a bitty member and a lot of compensation.

 's picture

SSDD...opinions are @#!

SSDD...opinions are @#! holes...everyone has them and no one wants to hear yours. That being said, what makes you think you have the definitive one answer fits all when it comes to this subject. I've avoided many accidents because I could hear what was happening ahead of me. I'm not saying it will always be the case but as the saying goes, let those who ride...decide. Why do you and others so willingly give up the freedom to decide your own fate. You see I take responsibility for my actions, i don't want yet another government entity to decide for me. Its seems many have forgotten the basic principles this country was founded on. Freedom! not government control.

So SSDD do you ride? i think I know the answer. So what makes you so think you know the only reason to not wear a helmet? don't.

Sabine Christakis's picture


Why should I sacrifice my freedom sitting on my deck, porch or else for your noise riding by??? The shoe fits also on the other foot.

Bob Woodbury's picture

Motorcycles don't kill riders

Riders kill riders.


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