State pension system

This is in response to the Sun Journal article on the front page July 28 in which the pension system for state workers is referred to as a "ticking bomb." The first paragraph stated, "Within a few years, the state's ability to pay for its daily operations and invest in its future will be threatened by an obscure budget item that doesn't pave a road, aid the needy, imprison a criminal or help a Maine kid pay for college."

The reporter overlooked a very basic fact: Many of us — Maine's public sector retirees — pay state income tax, federal income tax, sales tax, real estate taxes, automobile excise tax, gas tax and restaurant food tax, just to name a few. Directly or indirectly, we definitely help pay for this so-called obscure budget item. Let us also remember that retirees have contributed millions of dollars over the years to this fund, so a lot of it is our own money.

If it had not been for past inept elected officials, the problem would not exist today.

Richard Smith, Lewiston

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JOANNE MOORE's picture

I agree

with Mr. Smith 100 percent. My husband worked long and hard hours plowing snow in the winter and paving roads in the summer, among other things. In other words, he earned his retirement and a good chunk of his pay went into his retirement account.

Lay off the "little guy", Sun Journal and start digging into the reasons why this state is worried about money. Spendthrift politicians are a good place to start.

 's picture

i pay all those same taxes,

i pay all those same taxes, without the benefit of a pension plan. i also don't receive a penny from the state in any form, not even decent roads.

 's picture

"If it had not been for past

"If it had not been for past inept elected officials, the problem would not exist today."

I agree Richard. I wonder why people keep electing the same inept (D's) people year after year.


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