An ill-conceived proposal

The barbaric 9/11 attack on America by Islamic terrorists has deeply traumatized our great country forever. We will never forget this.

Many family members of the victims, as well as other Americans throughout the country, have expressed their deep anguish about the prospect of having a mosque built so close to the spot where their fellow Americans were slaughtered "in the name of Islam."

The argument that allowing this project to go forward would show America's religious and ethnic tolerance misses the point entirely. Our great country has nothing to prove in that regard, having given refuge and asylum to millions of Muslims and other refugees from all over the world.

As an American of German extraction, allow me to say this: What if the Germans had proposed to erect a German cultural center right next to the Auschwitz concentration camp where millions of innocent Jewish victims were slaughtered by the Nazis during World War II? That thought would never have occurred to Germany, which has honestly tried to atone for the Holocaust, as much as that is possible, and is today a friend and close ally of Israel and has welcomed again a large Jewish community to the country.

As long as even one family member of the victims of 9/11 is anguished about the prospect of seeing a mosque erected next to Ground Zero, it would, indeed, be a gesture of compassion and decency on the part of the Muslims to abstain from this ill-conceived proposal.

Klaus D. Kuck, Lewiston

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If that mosque goes up, a

If that mosque goes up, a strip joint should go up right next to it. We could call it the Lounge of the 72 Virgins.

GARY SAVARD's picture

My belief on this is that the

My belief on this is that the reason they want the mosque in that particular area is to symbolize what muslim extremists view as a great victory over their enemy, the United States. If that were not the case, then after realizing that many people were offended by this proposal, they would have backed off. I think that many people are just too gullible to see through the BS.


Klaus, you are wqrong on this!I suggest you reference Mayor B

 's picture

Klaus, since you bring

Klaus, since you bring religion (Islam & Judism) into the mix I would ask. Do the Quaran and the Tanakh allow their followers to posess a Piggy Bank?

 's picture

That's a perfect avatar.

What a dope! Have you heard the term spell-check? It's Judaism. It's Quran or Koran. What on earth is "Tanakh"? Whatever your religion may be, does it allow you to possess a brain?

 's picture

It allows me to feed you my

It allows me to feed you my pork.

 's picture

How far away?

I knew early this morning when I read this letter that the moron brigade would be out in force, goose-stepping and heiling. Tronnie, that's Dr. Kuck, a title you couldn't attain if you tried for a century, despite your self-adulation on your "user" page.

My first job after college was with a firm on Wall St. less than 0.25 miles from the new, unopened WTC. I'll tell you what's too close: the same burough, the same city, the same state, the same country. The only purpose of this mosque is to plant a victory flag.

tron, xyz, lil, ... Start carrying your prayer rugs with you whenever they let you out of the nursing home. You'll need them when your new masters tell you to kneel.

 's picture

The so called Muslim religion

The so called Muslim religion is not a religion of peace. It is very nearly an arm of Satan. The manner in which they treat women and non-believers ought to indicate to us that it is as evil and wrong as can be. To those who believe we can co-exist I say open your eyes ans see what they do to those who we honor and treat as equals. Just their treatment of there own should be an indication of something less than a religion.


Klaus, you are wrong on this!I suggest you reference Mayor Bloomberg's emotional speech on the subject, and I apologize to all for the dual post, I'm not a computer guru!

 's picture

Publikwerks, the number of

Publikwerks, the number of deaths does not change the definition of the word holocaust.

 's picture

"Klaus, you just compared

"Klaus, you just compared 9/11 to the holocaust"

Publikwerks, can be your friend. 9/11 by definition, could be considered a holocaust.

 's picture


Saying all Muslims are scary terrorists is like saying all Germans are Nazis, like you did.

 's picture

Holy War

Pay back will likely be the result. Seems that's what most religilous groups want is conflict. What an opportunity to re-ignite old flames as the coals are still burning. Shows how compassionate/greatful and willing to try to get along Muslims are. Soon they will be able to declare war on Catholics. If this keeps up we will have to make religion illegal in this country or none of us will be safe. Maybe they will name it the HA HA Mosque!


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