Not a wise suggestion

Regarding Auburn's proposal for a single polling place — I applaud the effort to save tax dollars, but to do so at the expense of possibly limiting citizen participation in government was absurd, and almost heretical in my opinion. It would be the epitome of "penny-wise and pound-foolish."

Thanks to all who attended the council meeting and voiced the many clear reasons to maintain Auburn's present polling locations, and to the councilors for voting to do so.

Sanity prevailed, that is a good sign.

Bob Mennealy, Auburn

Former Auburn City Councilor

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I think Ray Berube is one of

I think Ray Berube is one of the problems.

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Well at least tron didn't

Well at least tron didn't blame me for this one...hey danny, why not be so bold as to use actual names of the councilors you think are a problem....what have you got to hide? Call out individuals if you think they are a problem rather than all of us right wing wacko's - you know those who work, pay taxes and actually help the city as volunteers and elected officials...

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" Just like no spring clean

" Just like no spring clean up, reduce plowing this winter and other ideas."

But Aho had no problem taking a raise, or giving the school dept over a half million dollars in raises. We are not going to plow at night, but Aho gets a raise. I do believe it is time for a new council and manager.

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Tron, are you saying that it

Tron, are you saying that it was the right wing wackos who wanted one polling place, and it was also the right wing wackos who wanted to keep the polling places in the perspective wards? You make no sense.

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Tron, you are a one line

Tron, you are a one line wonder.

As a right wing wacko, I was against one polling place. All of my right wing wacko friends were also against it. Us right wing wackos believe in neighborhood polling places. However, some of the D's I know, were all for one place.
By the way, this was a Glen Aho idea, I am sure he is a D.


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