State employees union sues state for back pay

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Maine State Employees Association is suing the state in an effort to get its members reimbursed for longevity pay they lost last year.

Legislators eliminated longevity pay during the 2010 fiscal year in a budget-balancing move, but it was restored as of July 1. Longevity pay rewards state employees based on their years of service.

The federal lawsuit claims the state's denial of the pay is a case of age discrimination and employment discrimination because it treated older employees with more years on the job less favorably than younger workers with less seniority.

Attorney General Janet Mills, who is defending the state, told the Kennebec Journal that the workers can't legally get back any lost pay.


Information from: Kennebec Journal,

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If you believe longevity pay

If you believe longevity pay is wrong or that giving it back is wrong, do not vote for Libby mitchell. She is campaigning promising state employees that she will give it back to them when elected.

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Unions have out lived there

Unions have out lived there worth. Unions are leaches sucking off workers an making harder for America to compete on the global market.


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